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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Dance Of The Magic Finger Like Moon Beams Around Our Planet

The Blue Shine In A Dogs Eyes Says Moon Beams Are Real

Fiction Written By Jim Allan | 9-5-2016

They dance from space as the shine that is bright falls on upon the planet that is our world. We bask in the intensity of what we cannot put into focus with the vision that is our sight. The beams of what cannot be seen affect the perception of what can be seen as our walk though the world engulfed by moon beams is what's done daily. The moon beams do not saturate only one side of the planet as the moon circles. The moon beams bend around the planet as a snake wraps itself around its prey. Moon beams pass though objects with the density of wood but cannot penetrate dense material as in metals, stone and hard soil.

The moon beams swirl around the world and persons that are blocked by the dense barriers of nature cannot be positively affected by the moon beams or they are not in the path to be touched. Some have a born in barrier of bone that is thick and dense. Moon beams are effective only when they can enter the brain matter. A human with a skull that is overly thick and dense will not be touched by the moon beams leaving their internal frequency out of order. Those that are not positively touched will act in a progressive manner as their pattern of internal frequency is not put into order. They scramble in an endless loop to display themselves through strong output of self that is directed to elevate their self over others. The personalities that are untouched by moon beams bring their minds into a constant loop of self that immense education cannot cure. A personality for example who tries to pound a square peg into a round hole knowing it's not right and keeps doing it is untouched by moon beams. Persons that always use the word, "Help" in the form of kindness to use a person for self promotion or personal gain has a thickened skull that the moon beams cannot penetrate to put their internal frequency in order.

People that are positively affected by the finger like moon beams that grasp the planet are aware of what's real and works with their internal frequency in order. The moon beams create a feeling of being positive and happy no matter what their position in life is and they do not have ill will towards anyone even if a person with an out of order internal frequency is in their presence. Being touched by moon beams brings solace to a persons inner spirit and creates relaxation instead of progressive aggression. People that have their internal frequency in order start to do so they can learn instead of learning so they can do.      

The moon beams are not waves but in fact beams with a twinkle. How do you know that moon beams exist with twinkle? Only dogs can see the moon beams. If you gaze into a dogs eyes at a moment of luck when a moon beam is passing through the area of the dog and see a bluish glare that twinkles then you will be gazing upon the reflection of a moon beam in the eyes of a dog. The micro structure of a dogs eyes have extra ordinary vision capabilities to see and reflect what is invisible to humans. Of course dogs do not know what moon beams are and just see them as part of their everyday lives. When a dog looks up into the sky and howls he or she is howling at moon beams they see even though the moon beams are not passing over the dog. When you are in luck and get to see a moon beam in the eyes of a dog you will understand the happiness that brings life to your personality as you walk the ground with your positively touched personality.

The moon beam fingers that wrap the planet you may never see or feel but they are what keep your inner frequency in order that creates a stable mood and personality no matter what. The positive personal flow enjoyed from the passing over you by moon beams creates output that overshadows all who have bone density that blocks out the moon beams with twinkle.    

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