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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Topps Shuts Down Pro Set When They Copied Pro Set's Borderless Design

Topps Shuts Down Pro Set When They Copied Pro Set's Borderless Card Design
I was doing some research on another article concerning Nascar Pro Set racing cards and an old thought came back about "Borderless" sports trading cards. Of course "Mothers Cookies" produced the first all borderless cards as inserts into their cookie bags but they were just as stated, "Inserts" and not full trading card production runs. If I remember correctly Pro Set was the first to release borderless trading cards in 1991 followed by Topps "Stadium Club".

Friday, June 2, 2017

Dog Ears That Itch And Create Head Shaking To Relieve The Discomfort


Pinkish And White Is The Normal We All Seek To Keep For Our Family Members

Written By James Allan | 6-2-2017

I've had two dogs that shake their heads and over the years have learned alot about what causes it. I spent a lot of time scratching my dogs ears to give them the needed relief they desired and it always worked to give them relief for a period of time. When I hit the right spot on their ears their tongues always got going with me getting a bath.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Deep State Shadow Government Of The Democrat Party Revealed


We Knew It Was There And Now We Can See As They Try To Hang On To What They Lost

Written By James Allan | 5-20-2017

The so called "Deep State" or "Shadow Government" is within the minds of those employees working in the U.S. government who are in opposition to the elected power structure that has developed over the many decades of U.S. history? How is the deep state able to survive over the many years of changing governments? The deep state lurks within the shadow that nobody can see. This deep state that is commonly referred to as the shadow government that can't be seen but can be heard at times though leaked classified government information to media sources that share their same thoughts.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Westinghouse 32" LED HDTV Television That's Actually Made In The U.S.A.. A Personal Look


It's About As Close To A U.S. Manufactured Television As Your Going To Get Unless You Go With A Foreign Owned Manufacturer In The U.S.. Lots Of U.S. Companies Outsourcing Manufacturing Then Shipping The Imported Product In To Sell Retail.

There are some televisions manufactured in the U.S. but the few that are have foreign owners and they just assemble the parts that are imported from overseas. As far as I can tell Westinghouse Digital according to Wikipedia manufactures in the U.S. and is run by U.S. Citizens that are of Taiwanese heritage. This Westinghouse Digital company is in fact a U.S. manufacturing company located in Orange County Calif. but the people that run it have family members that own an ever larger Taiwanese Electronics Company called, " Chi Mei Companies". Somehow Richard Houng became the CEO of Westinghouse Digital and the "Chi Mei Company" through Richard Houng tried to take over Westinghouse Digital then divert all the profits to the "Chi Mei Company" in Taiwan. 

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

1964 Pontiac GTO Royal Bobcat Model Kit Engine Without The Car Body


1964 421 HO Pontiac GTO Royal Bobcat Engine

Written By Jim Allan | 12-28-2016

This engine is out of a 1998 Revell Model Kit replica of the 1964 Pontiac GTO "Royal Bobcat" Outfitted car. The model kit gave the option of building the engine with the standard 3, 4 barrell carburetors or with the racing blower under a 2, 4 barrell carburetor setup. I built this engine with the racing setup. 1964 Pontiac GTO Royal Bobcat

This model kit engine is the 421 HO (High Output) Tri-Power version (3 four barrel carburetors creating 370 HP) converted to a drag racing setup with dual carburetors on top of a blower. These motors were commonly used in Nascar and drag racing. 

Sunday, December 25, 2016

"Stripe" Online Payment Service Becoming Trusted And Used By Many Online Marketplace Venues And Retailers

Written By Jim Allan | 12-25-2016

"Stripe" came to be a few years ago and as it goes the growth is slow. But as people come into contact with this online payment service more and more through online marketplace venues the thought of giving it a try is more of an urge than a dismissal. Many internet web hosting and selling marketplace sites have already installed and offer it up as a payment option for its stores.

Ioffer.com and Ecrater.com online marketplaces have transitioned over to using "Stripe". Godaddy and Shopify are just a few out of thousands that use "Stripe" now.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

A Reflection Of The Future Republican Political Party Under Donald Trump


It's Not About Electing People To Power That Will Take Us Somewhere Better. It's Only About Electing People Into Power That Will Take Us To The Better Place Where We Want To Be.

Written By James Allan | 12-20-2016

A Now Revamped Republican Party Is On The Horizon That Is Pushing Out Its Past Failures And Putting U.S. Citizens Over Business, Government And Immigrants.

As the new Republican Party forms under the leadership of Donald Trump we must make certain all of our efforts do not go to waste and build a never ending effort that cannot be broken. Taking back our political party that was taken from us is underway. Spokespersons that speak for our efforts must be vetted and maintained in the near Donald Trump voice so when we are ready to step down the next generations of us can keep up the effort that our generation created and put into play.