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Saturday, April 14, 2018

The Beanie Babies Trading Cards That Never Became The Legend The Dolls Did

Beanie Babies 2nd Edition Series 3

Beanie Babies 2nd Edition Series 3 Cards Are The Best In The 1 Year Production Run Between Nov. 1998 and Nov. 1999

Written By James Allan | 4-14-2018

Beanie Baby Dolls

Beanie Babies started producing in 1993 and went into full production in 1994. Beanie Babies had no real popularity until the second half of 1995. In 1996 "Miniature Beanies were released with McDonald's Happy Meals. Everyone even mommy and daddy had Beanie Babies. The popularity of Beanie Babies got to the point that even immigrants inside the U.S. were peddling Beanie Babies at swap meets. At the beginning of the craze they were being sold for 10 times what they were purchased for at retail stores.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

WoW! I Can't Believe I Played Enough To Finally Reach Level 1000 ?

Written By James Allan | 2-16-2017

Well, once I started to get up their in game levels I just kept going and got it into my mind that level 1000 was a good place to stop. Will I stop? I'm surely starting to fade into other things now. Kinda burnt out on playing against the "Jelly Queen" and "Cupcake Karl" even though it doesn't take me to long to beat them. I lost against Cupcake Karl once. I do like finding the "Pufflers" and "Spreading The Jelly". Some of those games are tough mainly because you have to get the corners and sides.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Ecig Vaping, The Electronic Cigarette Purchasing Experience And Replacing Tobacco Smoking For Your Health

Vaping Is Better And Will Be Safer When As Forced Improvements Are Made

Written By James Allan | 1-16-2018

I am fairly new to vaping. I purchased 2 ecig brands here and there over the past 2 years and was disappointed. It's to bad that I didn't try to find out more because my first two attempts that failed is now a success on my third try. My third try turned up an ecig that was satisfying to my needs and got me off of regular tobacco for good.

My first attempt at e-cigarettes was purchasing a starter kit on a promotional deal. I paid the promotional price of $5.00 through my credit card and the starter kit was mailed to me. I was happy with the way the package looked but as it goes looks are not everything and I found out the bad was in play. Soon afterwards I received another small package with refills I had never ordered. I went and looked at my credit card charges and this ecig company charged me $99.95 for the promotional starter kit and the two packages of refills. Of course I went to my bank and told them this ecig company ripped me off big time. My bank refunded me the $99.95 and said they took away the companies ability to use their credit card for any reason. The bank customers would not be able to use their credit cards with this ecig company anymore. I found out later that many people were duped by this ecig company and had the same problem. The name of this ecig company is, "E-Cigs" and "E-Liq". I was left with the starter kit and didn't even bother to try them fearing I was going to get poisoned if I did.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Our United Stated Postal Service Needs To Be Fixed

We Are Urging Donald Trump To Use His Skills To Fix The United States Postal Service

Written By James Allan | 12-21-2017

A Letter To Mister President, Donald Trump. Please take some of your valuable time and check into why the United States Postal Service is poorly run and constantly raising postage rates to cover overhead. The U.S. postal service does have a huge overhead without a doubt but it is well known that the postal service is so troubled that they need to constantly raise shipping rates to cover the bad management decisions that are a plague.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Rakuten, The Japanese Based Marketplace Giant Gunning For Ebay And Amazon

Rakuten Is Surely A Global Internet Entity To Keep An Eye On Good And Bad

Written By James Allan | 12-15-2017

Rakuten is a Japanese based internet marketplace set in the form of Ebay and Amazon. Rakuten has been purchasing many popular U.S. based internet entities to grow its brand in the U.S. and expand into an international marketplace. The main internet selling platform Rakuten operates on is the old, "".

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Candy Crush Jelly Saga Level 923. You Won't Win Because It's Engineered For The Computer To Win

Candy Crush Jelly Saga Level 923. You Won't Win

Level 923 Is The Worst

Written By James Allan | 12-10-2017

This game was the hardest I've encountered playing Candy Crush Jelly Saga. It appears that this game is completely engineered for the computer to win and it did several times, well, I shut it down before it won because I knew the computer was going to blast me into loser hell.

I must have played 50 times on this game and the computer always zonked me to no end. There were about 3 times I was up in this game and the computer would always come back to to destroy me. Artificial intelligence isn't real intelligence when the game is programmed to make you lose.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

A Helping Remedy To The Coughing And Wheezing We Experience As A Condition Of Health

A Self Remedy To Help You Through An Awful Experience

Written By James Allan | 12-7-2017

Sickness that brings on coughing and wheezing is experienced by most and no one has ever been immune from the ravages of floating viruses passed on from person to person that plague human existence. A nagging wheezing from mucus getting stuck in the air intake passages to the lungs and producing sounds that will drive anyone nuts stays ever present without assistance of removal from an outside source.