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Sunday, August 21, 2016

All "Sea Dogs Beach Blog" Articles Are Published To "Ezine Articles" Before Being Posted Here On Our Blog

The reason for publishing our articles on "Ezine" first is to tell other writers who copy/paste our articles as their own on other web sites as their original content articles that we are aware of this.

"Ezine" articles only allows original content articles to be posted so our "Sea Dogs Beach" articles once posted to "Ezine" can be considered proof that the original content belongs to us and "Not" another writer.

Although the copy/pasting of our articles cannot be halted if it's found out that our articles are being used for another writers personal or professional gain we can call them out even if our copy/pasted article has the date changed that predates the posting of our original content articles. Sure, writers can claim similar content but if they butcher the article the authors at "Sea Dogs Beach" can expand the article with more content that was expressed in the original article content that can't be done by most other writers. There's a lot of great writers but they only produce their own original content articles without the need to copy/paste the writings of another.

I'm not a professional writer and I surely am not getting paid to write articles in any way, shape or form. I'm only writing articles to be a pain in the arse to some and as an expression to others I do not know who like what I have to express in words. Wouldn't it be great if I could get paid for doing this? Yes, I'm the only one who thinks it would be great if I got paid for writing. I still do not care to have my articles here on "Sea Dogs Beach" used by other writers for their own personal or professional gains. 

My articles are just that, "Articles" that have not been expanded into short stories. If I ever do get a popular article written I just may go ahead and expand it into a short story. If there's going to be any gain off of my writings it's going to be by me.

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