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Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Unwritten Book That We Wanted To Write But Never Crossed The Bridge To Get The Story


Reality Written By Jim Allan | 9-14-2016

The empty book that was looked at but never had a hand with a pen to put a story in it. The script that was never written as time passed and the thought of doing that something to create the story to put in it was bypassed for that everyday norm. What could have been was never explored but not due to lack of interest but only lack of time that was never taken or monetary concerns that would be a setback.

The step onto the bridge and the crossing of it was present as the way was clear with only the obstruction of self in the form of hesitation to wander into the unknown. The safe place that brings content to the inner self is the place to stay and not lose. The time it takes to break the barriers of knowledge that becomes the step closer to creating comfort on the bridge is a long journey. The out stretched hands that want for them removes the funds needed when the barriers of knowledge are broken and the bridge has been crossed to the other side.

The story that could be created only if, only if. The pen is laid in its place with no hand to grasp it so the pages will not be filled with the stories that are not created as of yet. To speak of the interest of doing is a thought that cannot be told as a story but only as wishes. To do means the story can be written and one more day doesn't have to pass before the story can be told. One of these days comes before you know it and if the story isn't written that one day gets further away.

The empty book with no stories is waiting to be written with the stories of doing, love, experiences and challenges. The woman never approached with no rings on her fingers, the furniture that was never constructed, the glass of expensive wine that was never sipped, the voyage never taken to places far off, the dog never cared for that shows happiness with a lick across the face, the bridge that was never crossed so the story could be written. The page that stands silent will never be turned and mental activity will never be created when there is no story to be told because the bridge was never crossed.


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