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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Dogs, The Question Settled, "Are In The Custody Of"

The Question Settled, "In The Custody Of" And "Not Property"

Jim Allan| 1-27-2016

I can see the courts voicing an opinion that dogs and other animals are "Property" in the eyes of the law. You do pay for dogs from stores and private parties for the right to have them. But in these days with warped thought seeping into the upper ranks of those who dominate and control us the correct terminology and realistic thought are not being installed as to what is absolutely correct. Old laws and ways of thinking of the past were created to be correct and on point but nowadays this is lost in the ideology of those who are not realistic in government and anti capitalists.

The proper train of thought about dogs and animals should be that they are "Legally In The Custody Of An Individual or Individuals" and "NOT PROPERTY". When you acquire a dog or animal through payment you purchase the right to "Legally Enter That Dog Or Animal Into The Custody And Care Of Yourself". That dog becomes a family member permanently in your care since the dog will never grow up and be able to care for itself as a human being does.

The dog isn't your property but you have legal custody of the animal based on a human child being in the custody of someone until that child grows up and can function in society and care for him or herself. An animal can never care for itself if it grows up outside of the wild and in human society. Most dogs are bread in human society and tossing them into the wild wouldn't have good results for them and they would return to the places humans gather for their own self well being.

There's three classified types of animals. There are animals that have the ability to learn, animals that do not learn domestic/wild and are like organisms just feeding and wild animals that can learn but are vicious in nature to survive in the wild.

* Animals that are organism like that do not learn and cannot be trained and just feed like the cow and pig that are used for human consumption and work implements can be considered "Property".

* Dogs and horses, etc.... that can learn and be trained are considered people animals should be considered "In The Custody Of" pets.  Even though cats just feed they can learn though they learn at a snails pace and are people animals. Horses are used for work implements but can learn and be trained so they should be considered "In The Custody Of". Some birds can learn and be trained so they are "In The Custody Of". Other birds that are wild are not "Property" or "In The Custody Of".  

* Wild animals are "Free" to roam and are not "Property" but instead "In The Custody Of".

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