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Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Sparkling Woman Of Delight And The Poised Man


Realistic Fiction Written By Jim Allan | 9-6-2016 

She was sparkling and delightful, he was stern and poised. They came from different worlds in which their separate society's were slightly of different thought but under one banner of the same. She came from a world where torn faded blue jeans and tattered shoes that were well worn were the acceptable fashion. He came from a society of facades and groomed personalities that are required to be a fit in the places that were of esteem.

They both entered the sunlight of each other when on the same path through life's daily journey. They came to be as the natural draw to each other took hold and would not give way to a separation from the thought of each other. They shined in each others eyes and no physical or personality trait could turn the draw into a false.

They explored one another as the word exchange became an unrestricted flow with smiles and laughs that had meaning, intellect and humor when the common activity of both took them to the same place. The intelligence of one another was refreshing to the pair as they stared at each other during the voyage into the lives of each other. The conversation drew stronger as their steps took them closer.

She wasn't challenging in her way of conducting what she wanted to convey. He was loose away from his style that was the way he needed to be when his personal world was around him. Both he and she knew their minds had met and the mental dating was known to each if only for the moment in time they stand before each other. A path of mental dating they were on in the first meeting of two personalities that were strong together.

As they mentally danced with each other in thought and light introductory speech about the common interests they shared while finishing up with their common activity that had brought them to the same place, each noticed they were dealing with singleness. She wore bands on her fingers but the finger of meaning was naked. He had no bands at all on his fingers because he had no reason to wear any. 

The interest was apparent as she finished up with her activity first and stopped to view some attraction at the exit that was of no interest to her as he finished his activity and walked past her then stopped and started more conversation with her about what she was viewing that was of no interest to her.

He casually mentioned that he lived nearby and she did the same as they both started moving to the exit and he opened the door for her. She mentioned she liked the stores in the area and was out and about frequently and he smiled then stated he hoped to see her around this area of little shops because he liked to shop them frequently also. They then parted ways with smiles of delight as the thoughts of what may be were embedded and the mental dating had begun and will continue over the weeks and months when they catch sight of each other and stop for a casual chat.

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