Articles That Peak The Wandering Interest To What Runs Wild In A Natural Unobstructed Presence


Sea Dogs Beach just started out as an online place to keep track of information that was researched for our own pets and to share with others who encounter the same problems. A Dog and animal person I am even though I retain no everyday job with animals. A support voice and anchor I am for the animals that can only make noises with barks, chirps and squawks.

We live and we learn so as I learn I live online through the words in articles I write just to express reality and thoughts that are only thoughts. Thoughts that come and are suppose to never go as long as I put them into the electronic cloud where they live forever. Reality? Of course some are on the edge but I can't get a smile out of readers if I reiterate the readers everyday trek through the reality they live constantly.

So "Welcome To Sea Dogs Beach" where wandering is the thing and the visual of what can't be see is present with a thin line drawn so we don't all fall overboard as we wander.

Thanks For The Visit

Jim Allan, EzineArticles Platinum Author

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