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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

A New Look At The Black Dahlia Murder Of 1947. The Elizabeth Short Killing Solved

  Opinion Written In Response To T.V. Show Aired On January 9th, 1988

IMDB: Hunter - Season 4, Episode 13 - January 9th, 1988 "The Black Dahlia"

Written By James Allan | 12-16-2018

My Personal Thoughts
After reading most of the accounts written about, "The Black Dahlia" I wrote my own opinion as to what occurred the night of "January 14th and the early morning of Jan. 15th 1947" when "Elizabeth Short" was murdered. 
My opinion did not come from somebody else's thoughts or writings even though some thoughts I read hinted in the direction of this speculation I have written but stopped at the first thought. Some opinions hinted in this direction but stopped at the hint and did not proceed. Remember, "You Heard It Here First" when you read new posting from here on into the future.   
My writing on the "Black Dahlia" murder is just "Educated Speculation" and NO proof was generated to back up my final opinion as to who the killer is. I was astonished that I was even able to find any pieces at all that put the picture together of a "Quacking Duck" but enough of the factual information was gathered to create a possible finished  puzzle.   
The Hunter Episode 

I was watching an old episode of the T.V. police drama series, "Hunter" and decided to write this article based on the "Black Dahlia" show theme of this one episode. There's plenty of re-run channels that these old T.V. series are shown on now and one of my very favorite back in the 1980's and still to this day is the "Hunter" show starring "Fred Dryer".

I found out many have written about the "Black Dahlia". I shouldn't say "Written" because most are "Copy/Pasted" from another web site and the author reads the Copy/Pasted article then enters his/her own opinion here and there in the article before it's posted. My article is fully written by, "Me". No Copy/Paste here! except for one quote towards the bottom of this article.

I watched this "Black Dahlia" show and all in all at the end "Hunter's" partner "Dee Dee McCall (Stephanie Kramer)" caught the "Black Dahlia" killer. The show started off with an old body being discovered and of course "Hunter" got the case. The old body lead into the "Black Dahlia" killing with some black mail and the "Black Dahlia" killer seeing "Hunter's" partner "Dee Dee McCall" as the "Black Dahlia" he had killed back in 1947. The "Black Dahlia" killer seeing "Dee Dee McCall" as the "Black Dahlia" got him psycho again and he went after her at her home. "Dee Dee McCall" came face to face with the "Black Dahlia" killer and of course she whooped his ass to no end with the killers knife pointed at her throat. She put the hurt to him and cuffed him. Show over. The "Black Dahlia" killer was caught and this old murder was put in the solved column.

The above picture is from one of the last scenes in the 1988 "Hunter - The Black Dahlia" episode. The newly discovered "Black Dahlia" killer has "Dee Dee McCall" at knife point but of course "Dee Dee" is just toying with the killer and "Kicks His Ass" after she gets bored with him.

After this episode of "Hunter" I started reading up on the killing and found out there were hoards of stories about this unsolved murder. Sure, I've heard about the "Black Dahlia" case a few times in the past but never really went deep into the many readings that were out in the public. I started to read about "The Black Dahlia (Elizabeth Short)" and realized there were some questions I was asking that were not answered in the many articles I read about her. My article here is "Summarized" with only "Pertinant" points to tell the story.

The Questions Asked

One question is, "What Happened To Her Sister?". Elizabeth Short went to visit her sister at the "Biltmore" hotel in downtown Los Angeles and the actual face to face visit with her sister wasn't documented anywhere. Which sister was staying at the "Biltmore" for the visit? Was she just going to visit her sister for 5 minutes or longer? Was the sister staying in downtown Los Angeles for a job interview and then leaving right afterwards? Why didn't Elizabeth Short spend any quality time with her sister or even see her?. The story states Elizabeth Short was dropped off at the Biltmore hotel then ended up leaving which was the last time anyone had seen her.

Another question is, "Which Person In The Vast Amount Of Suspects Knew The Area Her Body Was Dumped In And Was Going To Be Dark And Un-populated"? The area her body was dumped in only had the road and sidewalks put in. The homes were not built at the time of the murder. There were homes in the surrounding blocks around this un-built neighborhood to the North, South and East and it looks as if these several undeveloped neighborhoods plus a massive undeveloped business district to the west were the last buildings to be built in this area.

In the blocks to the west of this undeveloped neighborhood was a massive unbuilt business district. It's approx. 6.6 miles from the Biltmore Hotel to this undeveloped dark area in "Leimert Park" where her body was dumped. There were plenty of places in L.A. at that time where bodies could have been dumped and where some bodies of other women were dumped. Murders were happening all over L.A. in the 1940's. "Elizabeth's" murder just went viral.

This view is to the west. The sidewalks and streets were installed but the homes were not built. In the far distance was a planned business district. A few blocks to the North, West and South homes were already built and people regularly walked up and down this unbuilt area in passing.

A question to be asked is, "Did The Killer Want The Body Cut In Half To Lessen The Burden Of Having To Move The Weight Of A Whole Body?". The killer may have cut the body in half and drained it so he/she could move it more easily to it's final destination to be found. Was the way her body ended up being laid out in the field thought of after the body was cut in half or was the body cut in half to be intentionally laid out this way? This was talked about but never taken seriously since all the suspects were cleared. Because the cut around her torso was straight and and precise the two doctors that somehow were connected to "Elizabeth" and the doctors had homes in the are where the body was dumped lead police to the doctors as to be the prime suspects.

A big focus by investigators was the fact that the body was drained of all of its blood and then cleaned. Of course all the blood is going to drain out of the body when you cut it in half. The focus of investigators should have only been on why the body was cut in half. Sure, if your going to move a body and want to lessen the load then you would cut the body in half and when all the blood is drained out you would clean the body so blood won't seep through the blanket it's in and create blood stains on your cloth's and in your car.

Elizabeth Short was taken to someone's place of residence or business to be killed and then driven to the place her body was to be dumped most likely to send a message and for the publicity. The killer did get his/her publicity to the point of a timeless story that is now in the history books. It does appear the way her body was dumped and where it was dumped is completely intentional no matter if the way it was laid out was due to it having to be cut in half for mobility or not. My take on this murder focuses around, "Who Knew The Area Where The Body Was Dumped?", "Who Was Disgruntled Enough With Elizabeth To Kill Her", "Who Wanted To Send A Gruesome Message?" and "Who Was To Frail To Move A Whole Body?".

Elizabeth was left here in the early morning hours. A neighbor did see in the distance as they were getting ready to go to work a car with a person standing by it but the view was just a shadowy figure. The body was butchered at another location.  

I'd like to say right now who I "Think" killed "Elizabeth Short" but then you wouldn't get the true feeling of the "Elizabeth Short" murder and not read the rest of this very lengthy story.

Elizabeth Short, "Who She Was"

We Find Out Elizabeth Had An Income Begging

"Elizabeth Short" must have had some money saved. I've read everyone always speculated as to where "Elizabeth" was getting her money. Everyone agrees she wasn't a prostitute or slut and only liked getting men to buy her drinks and meals and "Not" having sex or very little. During her time in Los Angeles it seemed like she always had a place to sleep and a few bucks at any given time so she didn't have to "Slut" herself. She always had women roommates unless she had what she thought was a permanent boyfriend or living with the other women at "Mark Hansen's" home.

There's nothing unusual about women dating for drinks and meals and not having to spend their own money. It was reported that "Elizabeth" called "Ann Toth" and asked "Ann" to send her $20.00 before she left for San Diego? It was indeed "Ann Toth" who paid for "Elizabeth's" apartment at the "Chancellor". I'm not under the impression "Elizabeth" was broke but I am under the impression she was developing into a "Con Artist" at the age of 22 to make ends meet.

Black Dahlia Elizabeth Short At Bar With Friends

Elizabeth Short out and about meeting people in bars and night spots wearing very fashionable cloths with very classy people.

Even though she was "Cheaping It" it may be that "Elizabeth" found out that living on the cheap and "Conning" people out of little bits of money and favors was a great way to stretch the bucks she had saved while she was working back in Florida. She was a waitress at a busy nightclub getting a paycheck plus tips and not paying much rent for the short time she lived with "Mark Hansen". Remember, "Elizabeth" liked being around hoards of people. When in a financial pinch she always was able to come up with the cash, "Fast", which I speculate within the time it would take her to go to a bank.

"Elizabeth Short" although she refused to get a job or go to school was a nice girl who kept her sex to only individual boyfriends she became close to. "Elizabeth" would have never stayed in the "Cecil Hotel" in downtown Los Angeles as some have stated because of the criminal activity and seedy personalities whom resided there. She rejected and ran from the "Chancellor Apartments" that was filled with "Seedy Criminal" personalities where I am under the impression she borrowed money she could never pay back.

Black Dahlia with her military boyfriend

This is a picture of "Elizabeth Short's" military boyfriend when she first arrived in California. "Elizabeth" had high hopes of marrying this man whom she was always in contact with. 

Yes, she was an alcoholic like her father was and she decided "Begging" and "Bar Hopping" was the life she enjoyed the most. People, men and women liked "Elizabeth" even if they did not know her. She was becoming a regular at local bars but it looks like she found out begging was more profitable at places like the Greyhound bus station where she always had new faces to beg from.

Actually, there may be an undiscovered bank account somewhere in the banking system to this day with "Elizabeth Short's" name on it that doesn't contain a lot of cash but does contain cash in the hundreds. $200 back in 1947 is like $2000 now. Most unclaimed bank accounts are turned over to some family member but I haven't read anything about her family members receiving any of her belongings left behind. Could be that a bank account of "Elizabeth Short" is sitting in state custody unclaimed? Since the homicide of "Elizabeth" was declared an unsolved murder I would take it that all of "Elizabeth's" belonging would still be in the custody of the Los Angeles police dept. including custody of any bank account she may have had.

Elizabeth Short's Activities In California

The Father And Daughter

"Elizabeth Short" moved to the west coast because of her father "Cleo Short" in early 1943. He faked his suicide when "Elizabeth" was very young and when "Elizabeth" found out he was in California alive she went to him on his invitation to "Keep His House Clean" in exchange for rent. "Cleo Short" was making good money for that time period and could afford to support the family he threw away but after contacting his ex wife the family rejected him except for "Elizabeth".

Black Dahlia Family: Cleo Short, Elizabeth Short's Father

Cleo Short, "The Black Dahlia's Alcoholic Father"

The problem between "Cleo Short" and his daughter "Elizabeth" was they both were alcoholic prone. "Elizabeth" was becoming the alcoholic her father was with the controlling temper soon to follow later on in life. "Elizabeth" was her father and her father wanted someone that was "Not" him to do his cooking and cleaning. Constantly drunk was the father "Cleo" and constantly drunk was the daughter "Elizabeth". "Elizabeth" liked to go out a carouse all night. A few months later in mid 1943 "Cleo" tossed her out of his home. I guess "Cleo" didn't like himself. "Cleo" was always drunk too and he didn't like to clean his own home.

Elizabeth On Her Own

"Elizabeth" found a job at "Camp Cooke" after she was tossed onto the streets by her father. She was staying out all night while living with her father so she was already trained to live off the fat of the land when her father told her to leave.

Black Dehlia at Camp Cooke After Her Father Kicker Her Out Of His Home.

This is an early newspaper clipping of "Elizabeth Short" with a soldier and the manager of the base RX at "Camp Cooke" after her father kicked her out of his home in 1943.

In September 1943 she lived with a girlfriend in Santa Barbara, Calif. and was busted for underage drinking. The police arranged her return back to Massachusetts.

Black Dahlia Elizabeth Short Mug Shot

This is the "Elizabeth Short" mug shot from 1943 for underage drinking. Soon after these photos were taken she was shipped back to Massachusetts.

California Or Bust For Her

"Elizabeth Short" stayed in Massachusetts and Florida until May of 1946 when she packed her bags and moved to California from Florida after a brief 10 day stopover in Chicago. She ended up at the "Washington Hotel" in Long Beach Ca.. I haven't read anything about if she knew her father had moved to Los Angeles before her or even if she had any correspondence with him after she left her fathers house in Vallejo, Calif.. The girl must have had plenty of money saved for her journey.

The Washington Motel At 53 Linden in Long Beach. Now The Linden Apartments.

When Elizabeth Short first moved to California she stayed in the "Washington Hotel" here at "53 Linden Ave" in Long Beach. This complex is now the "Linden Apartments."

Elizabeth's Residents During Her Time In Los Angeles

Washington Hotel, 53 Linden Ave. Long Beach from July 12 to August 3rd.

Sunset Hotel August, 1 week in Hollywood

Brevoort Apartments , Lexington Ave. near Vine, Hollywood until August 27th

Hawthorne Hotel, 1611 North Orange Drive, Hollywood from August 28 to September 20th

Hotel Figueroa, Downtown Los Angeles, September 20th to October 1st

Mark Hansen's Home,  Carlos Street, Hollywood Oct 1st to November 13th

Chancellor of Hollywood Apartments November 14th to December 9th

Went To San Diego until January 9th

Aster Motel at 2901 South Flower Street January 10th to the 14th. Nobody could identify that Elizabeth stayed at the "Aster Motel" by name and the manager had destroyed all the registration cards before the police got there on August 2nd, 1947 to tear the rooms apart looking for blood residue. Some witnesses did make statements that there was a black haired girl whom laid in bed all day and occasionally came out of the room once in awhile begging for money. The police were positive "Elizabeth" stayed at the "Aster" but without a positive name ID they wouldn't report it as true.

After "Elizabeth Short" left the "Biltmore Hotel" and left her luggage at the "Greyhound Bus Station" near "Skid Row" on "Los Angeles Street" she traveled south to the "Aster Motel" via "The City Rapid Transit" system at 10:30 pm and registered at the "Aster Motel". This is clear because the L.A. Police Dept. was so very interested in scouring every room for blood residue.

Elizabeth Short stayed here at the "Aster Motel" after she left the "Biltmore Hotel" on January 9th, 1947. The "Aster" is 2 1/2 miles away from where she was last seen on the night of January 14th.

The Mark Hansen Experience

Black Dahlia Boss Mark Hansen

Mark Hansen, A Black Dahlia Murder Suspect

Approx. 2 months before the death of, "The Black Dahlia (Elizabeth Short)", she moved into the groupie home of  "Mark Hansen" whom owned the "Marcal Theatre" and the "Florentine Gardens Nightclub". Her ending up in "Mark Hansen's" home was due to his friend "Sid Zaid" who was a photographer. "Elizabeth" had no problems making women friends as well as male friends even though she argued with a lot of them.

"Mark Hansen's" groupie home was on "Carlos Ave." directly behind the "Marcal Theatre". The "Marcal Threatre" and "Florentine Gardens" are located on "Hollywood Blvd." near the "Hollywood Freeway". There was a gate between the "Marcal Threatre" and the home so "Mark Hansen" just had to open the gate to access the "Marcal Threatre" property. The "Florentine Gardens" was down the road maybe 100 yards give or take with one other business between the "Marcal Theatre" and "Florentine Gardens".

"Elizabeth Short" was employed at the "Florentine Gardens" as a waitress. She was only 22 years old. "Ann Toth" as told in most stories of the "Black Dahlia" is said to have been "Mark Hansen's" girlfriend but this is untrue. "Anne Toth" had a different boyfriend named "Leo Hymes". "Anne Toth" stayed at the "Carlos Ave" home on and off.  "Mark Hansen" always helped out many young women by renting them rooms in his home on "Carlos Ave.". He maybe gave key employees cheap rent in his home. I have personally run into bosses that help out employees like this to get good work done and keep their employees honest.

Black Dahlia Friend Ann Toth

"Ann Toth" was "Elizabeth Short's" best friend in Hollywood.

According to detective "Harry Hansen" (No Relation To Mark Hansen), "Elizabeth Short" did not have any jobs until her job at the "Florentine Gardens" when she first moved to Los Angeles. The detective stated she had a lot of men friends and dating was her lifestyle. She was not a prostitute or slut and only was seen as a social butterfly. Even "Mark Hansen" her nightclub boss who let her stay at his home on "Carlos Ave." stated she was active with many men showing up at his home but I also read "Elizabeth" and "Mark Hansen" were having an affair and the men that showed up were just dispelled.

"Elizabeth's" friend "Marjorie" who was also let to live in "Mark Hansen's" home was pissing "Mark Hansen" off by drinking all of his booze and he finally tossed "Marjorie" and "Elizabeth" out. I wouldn't doubt if "Elizabeth" was suspected of putting her fingers in the till or "Coning" people here and there to increase her take. The address book that was sent to the newspaper by the killer and stated as being part of "Elizabeth's" belongings was stolen from "Mark Hansen" so both were kicked out for, "Missing Booze And Small Items".

Did Elizabeth Try San Diego Or Was She Running From Glynn Wolfe?

"Elizabeth" stated she went to San Diego to get away from a crazy man. Could this crazy man be the owner of the "Chancellor Apartments" who was "Glynn Wolfe"? "Ann Toth" was "Elizabeth's" friend stated "Glynn Wolfe" was a maniac and sexual pervert who threatened to kill her once. "Ann Toth" took "Elizabeth" to the "Chancellor" because of the cheap rent and "Elizabeth" later on complained that the apartment building was filled with really undesirable people and she wanted out and went to San Diego.

Black Dahlia Chancellor Apartments Owned By Glynn Wolfe

When "Mark Hansen" told "Elizabeth" to leave his home "Ann Toth" took her to the "Chancellor Apartments" for the cheap rent knowing the owner "Glynn Wolfe" was a maniac. "Glynn Wolfe" was charged with beating his wife and hitting his many other wives severely. All the tenants in the building were criminal type nut cases and "Elizabeth" hated living here to no end. 

From December 9th to January 9th "Elizabeth" stayed in San Diego with a nice woman she had met while sleeping at the "Aztec" theatre. This woman who befriended "Elizabeth" in San Diego was the ticket clerk at the theater. After "Mark Hansen" told "Elizabeth" she wasn't welcomed back at his home to live she called him again and he told her she had to wait until "Anne Toth" came back from her visit with her mother up north. "Mark Hansen" asked "Elizabeth" why she went to San Diego and she responded that she was afraid of some crazy guy that was at the "Chancellor" apartments.

Black Dahlia Aztec Theatre In San Diego Calif.

When "Elizabeth Short" went to San Diego the ticket clerk found her sleeping in her seat after the screening of the "Al Jolson" story. Of course "Elizabeth" had the type of personality that was always an immediate hit so the ticket clerk invited "Elizabeth" to come and live with her.

Elizabeth's Return To Los Angeles

Elizabeth Short was dropped off at the downtown Los Angeles "Biltmore Hotel" at approx. 6:30 PM on January 9th, 1947. It was reported that her sister whom she was suppose to meetup with had not checked in yet. It was also reported that she hung around the lobby of the hotel for another 4 hours then left after making several phone calls. If the reports were correct about the time she spent in the hotel lobby then she would have exited the hotel around 10:30 PM. She was seen leaving the hotel and walking south on "Olive Street".

What you read is that this is the last place "Elizabeth" was seen before her death but this is false. Many off the cuff reports stated she was seen walking around downtown L.A. and driving around in peoples cars after Jan. 9th but most of these reports were proven to be before "Elizabeth" left to San Diego. I even read a report where she was at a bar drinking and left with a sailor who then returned to his friends house in bloody cloths but this story is "False". Many false stories and time lines are circulating.

Black Dahlia Los Angeles Biltmore Hotel

This is a picture of the "Biltmore Hotel" in Los Angeles in 1927. By 1947 when "Elizabeth Short" made her stop here on Jan. 9th this picture would have looked just about the same only with the addition of a few taller buildings in the background. 

The problem I have with all these false stories that have been generated about the "Black Dahlia" is the "Biltmore Hotel" was surrounded by "Rapid Transit". The L.A. Subway main station was right next to the "Biltmore Hotel" on the north side. Bus stops were frequent all around the "Biltmore" and most likely "Elizabeth Short" started making phone calls and "Begging For Money" from the hotel guests then hopped on a "City Transit" trolley to someplace. Some trolley and subway routes run between 12:00am and 1:00 am or so but I don't know the transit schedule in 1947 Los Angeles. "Elizabeth" did not have a car so I expect she was very familiar with the "Public Transit" lines of transportation. "Elizabeth" was also very familiar with the bars and bus stations in the area since she often bar hopped them during her time in Los Angeles.

Black Dahlia 1948. Los Angeles Transit Lines streetcar no. 488 on the B Line turning East on 12th Street at Main Street

This electric rail trolley was the type of "Rapid Transit" running at the time of "Elizabeth Short's" murder. The city had rails embedded into the streets all over Los Angeles. The city at that time did indeed have a "Subway Line" running also. This 1948 picture is of a "Rail Trolley" cruising down "South Main Street" and turning onto 12th street was the type of "Rapid Transit" operating at the time "Elizabeth" was at the "Biltmore" Hotel on Jan. 9th. 

These "Rail Trolley's" were eventually replaced by the "Trolley Bus" but not until after "Elizabeth Short" was murdered. This "Rail Trolley" in 1948 was one of the last that had not been replaced yet and the type "Elizabeth" jumped on at 10:30 pm for a ride down to the "Aster Hotel" after she left the "Biltmore".

Why her sister wasn't there at the "Biltmore" I haven't found out yet. There's no accounts about her sister except "Elizabeth" was suppose to meet her at the "Biltmore" which most likely now was a lie to get Robert "Red" Manley to go out of his way and drive Elizabeth from San Diego to the Biltmore in Los Angeles.. I read another statement saying before she went to San Diego she told everyone she was going to "Berkeley" to spend the holidays with her sister which was just another fabrication for some reason. "Elizabeth" is proven to lie now and again to get what she wants, she cons people, steals stuff like she stole "Mark Hansen's" address book and she turned to begging in high turnover bus station bars and hotels. Hell, even in today's society "Begging" is highly profitable if you can get a good spot to do it.

Elizabeth's Situation Between Jan. 9th and 14th

There were stories about her being dead broke but I myself do not think she was dead broke. I believe she did have some cash to function on. Elizabeth was planning to move to Chicago as she had told her ex boyfriend but that may have been a ruse also to get some cash. A letter was found from "Elizabeth" to her wanna be husband "Gordon Fickling" stating she was going to Chicago. Gordon even sent her $100 right before she was murdered.

In my opinion "Elizabeth Short" lived in the Aster motel and was begging for money at the "Greyhound" bus station in the days before she was killed. I have an opinion now that something did in fact happen at the "Chancellor Apartments" that made "Elizabeth" want to leave Los Angeles for a short period of time. "Elizabeth" did in fact want to come back and when she did 1 month later none of her past friends or acquaintances knew she had returned. She was spotted making phone calls at the "Biltmore Hotel" but I'm sure the calls were calls to local "Motels" to check rates and vacancy's and not to her past friends or acquaintances. "Elizabeth" hopped on a "Trolley" probably around 11:00 am before the "Trolley's" stopped running.

"Elizabeth" did indeed contact her friend "Ann Toth" right before Christmas from San Diego and asked her for $20.00. It's unknown if the money was ever sent but "Begging" was "Elizabeth's" thing and no matter who you were to her she would hit you up for money or gave you a sob story until you stopped doing favors for her.

"Elizabeth" had herself dropped off at the "Biltmore Hotel" intentionally to "BEG FOR CASH" with no intention of staying. At 10:30 pm after she had spent hours "Begging" and calling local motels for rates and vacancy's she hopped on a "Rail Trolley" and headed south to the "Aster Motel" and nobody ever knew.

A few of her old haunts were just across the street from the Biltmore and even though there were reports of her entering those establishments between Jan. 9th and the 14th she never did. The sighting of her being in her old "Crown Bar And Grill" haunt with a nut case coming in looking for her was a month before and not after she had returned from San Diego. Actually it sounds like that nut case that was coming in looking for her is the reason she fled to San Diego. "Elizabeth" may have ripped off someone at the "Chancellor Apartments" for enough money that they were looking for her.

Black Dahlia Crown Bar And Grill 754 South Olive Street Los Angeles

The 1947 "Crown Bar And Grill" now a "Dunkin Donuts" at "754 South Olive Street" in Los Angeles a few blocks down the street from the "Biltmore Hotel" was one of "Elizabeth Short's" most favorite haunts even when she lived in Hollywood. She used to travel to the "Crown Bar And Grill" now and again. When she arrived back in Los Angeles after a month in San Diego there were reports she stopped here but I really doubt this since "The Crown Bar And Grill" hired a bar tender that was a violent character and had the "Hots" for "Elizabeth". In my research "Elizabeth" always stayed away from these "Crazy Seedy" personalities. I think "Elizabeth" only passed her old haunt on the "Rail Trolley" out of the area to the "Aztec Motel". 

Many people stated they saw her between Jan. 9th and the 14th all over Los Angeles and Hollywood but some of the sightings were proven to be prior to "Elizabeth" leaving for San Diego. Nobody that saw her can say anything that cements their stories so the police discarded the claims? and some were proven not to be factual.

The truth appears to be "Elizabeth" made her way down to the "Aster" hotel via "Rail Trolley". "Elizabeth" never did anything during the day, she laid around all day and went out at night in the 5 days after she returned from San Diego. The "Greyhound" bus station had the "Corral" bar and this is most likely where she spent her nights at between January 10th and the 14th with constantly rotating travelers she could "Beg For Money From".

The Police And Media Investigation

The Big Four Main Suspects In The Murder Of Elizabeth Short

The Los Angeles police department was heading down a path of finding the killer whom had to have known "Elizabeth Short" in some way or another. There were hundreds of people looked at and investigated in this singular investigative thought. In the end the detectives had settled into the idea that the murder had to have been done by a doctor because of the way the body was cut in half and drained of blood. The body was laid out in "Leimert Park" where "Two" doctor suspects lived also.

There's 4 possible persons who you could see as of having knowledge of the area in which "Elizabeth Short" was dumped. Two were doctors, one lived in the area and the other used to live in the area and had an ex wife that still did live there in the home her ex husband doctor owned. The third was "Elisabeth's" father who repaired refrigeration units and had to travel to different parts of the city constantly. Her father would have known about this vacant soon to be built area 3 miles away that had great potential for future refrigeration work. The 4th was a "Mafia Boss" named "Micky Cohen" who did not order a hit on "Elizabeth" but may have told his "Serial Killer Soldier" crew to get a brutalized body and dump it in vacant area near a rival "Mafia Boss" named "Jack Dragna" who had a home in this area also and the body was a message.

"Elizabeth Short" was an alcoholic "Bar Fly" and her coming into contact with some upper class doctors isn't out of the question but I don't see the doctor profiles being "Maniac" and killing her in the sadistic way she was murdered. The person who killed "Elizabeth" was out to send a strong message.

Other claims about who the killer was have been made over the decades. "Mark Hansen" was another prime suspect but there is nothing at all for the police to latch onto except some of the then "Mafia" came to his night club now and again. The police even tossed his house 3 years later looking for blood evidence.

"Glynn Wolfe" was another suspect but again, "There's No Connection" other than "Elizabeth" lived with 8 other women in a top floor apartment of the building he owned. I can't see "Elizabeth" ever having any contact with "Glynn Wolfe" because there was indeed an apartment manager hired to run the day to day affairs of the building and who did recall "Elizabeth".

Doctor "Walter Bayley" whos daughter was a good friend of Elizabeth Short's sister had his doctors office .08 miles away from the Biltmore Hotel where Elizabeth was last seen. Elizabeth's sister was married at this doctors "Leimert Park" home and the doctors daughter was the matron of honor.

Nothing I read ever stated the daughter's doctor father attended this wedding so it's really unclear if "Elizabeth Short" ever knew this doctor or even met him. There's no circumstantial evidence or connection to the killing of "Elizabeth Short". The doctor owned a home in the area his ex wife lived in and the doctor could make a clean straight cut so he was in the media's eye a suspect.

The wedding at "Walter Bayley's" ex wife home was between a soldier named "Adrian" and "Elizabeth Short's" sister "Virgnia". "Adrian" had absolutely no connection with the family of "Dr. Walter Bailey". "Adrian" met the daughter of "Dr. Walter Bayley" at a church they both attended. The daughter of "Dr. Walter Bayley" invited "Adrian" to use her mothers home for his wedding to "Elizabeth Short's" sister "Virginia". "THAT'S IT!".

The problem I have with this wedding at "Walter Bayley's" home is it was a quickie wedding. "Adrian" the husband of "Virginia Short" who was stationed in the military in the Los Angeles area of California and called "Virginia Short" in Massachusetts to travel to California for their wedding. "Adrian" was previously stationed near "Virginia Short" in Massachusetts" where they met. "Adrian" was in a church group where he was living and arranged the wedding be held at the home of one of his church group member's family home in "Leimert Park". What's really strange is there is nothing said of "Walter Bayley" or "Elizabeth Short" ever attending this wedding.

"Elizabeth" did write her family letters now and again. It's unknown if "Elizabeth" even knew her sister was in Los Angeles getting married. Did "Elizabeth" even go to her sisters wedding? "Elizabeth" did for a fact know her sister lived in Berkeley Calif. and this has been proven.

It's just assumed "Elizabeth Short" and "Walter Bayley" did attend the wedding of "Virginia Short" and "Adrian"? Remember, at the time of the wedding "Walter Bayley" did not live in the home and his wife had filed for divorce. It's not even clear that "Virginia Short" became friends with "Walter Bayley's" daughter until after the wedding. Hell, the first time "Virginia Short" was ever out in California was for her marriage to "Adrian" who was only a "Church Friend" with "Walter Bayley's" daughter so how the hell could "Virginia Short" be friends with a girl she never met before the wedding? I don't think "Elizabeth Short" or "Walter Bayley" were even at the wedding so how the hell could "Elizabeth" know "Walter"?

"Walter Bayley" was this doctors name and he was a prime suspect because he was a doctor with an office less than 1 mile away from the Biltmore Hotel where Elizabeth was last seen and "Elizabeth Short" was bisected right under her rib cage perfectly. "Walter Bayley" also owned the home where his ex-wife lived 1 block away from where the body of "Elizabeth Short" was dumped. "Walter Bayley" was the number 1 prime suspect at first but he too was "Cleared" of any involvement.  The murder could have been done in a medical clinic the killer had access to before the body was dumped. Linking a suspect with medical knowledge and a medical clinic would be the perfect scenario for the police and newspapers but it was a false chase.

"Cleo Short" Elizabeth Short's father lived in L.A. also at "1020 South Kingsley Drive" when his daughter was murdered. Elizabeth Short was last seen 3.4 miles away from where her father lived in downtown Los Angeles. When "Harry Hansen" the detective interviewed "Cleo Short" for the first time he was extremely drunk and vulgar with the detective. "Harry Hansen" again interviewed "Cleo Short" for a second time when he was sober and "Cleo Short" told the detective he wanted nothing to do with his daughter and had no emotions about her death. "Cleo Short" it seemed hated his daughter and family even though in 1943 he let his daughter live with him trying to make amends with his children.

"Cleo Short" made a deal with his daughter "Elizabeth" in 1943 and she just walked all over him. The deal was she would clean his home and cook for him now and again and she failed. "Elizabeth" would not even clean up after herself and just laid around all day and partied all night so her father kicked her to the road. The fighting between "Cleo" and "Elizabeth" was so intense he finally threw her out. "Cleo Short" in other words "spit on his daughters grave" to make the point.

"Cleo Short" worked in the refrigeration industry. As I stated in my personal thoughts I was going to focus on people who knew the area where "Elizabeth Short's" body was dumped and her father would have known this area because of the refrigeration work he did. "Cleo Short" would have had to travel all over Los Angeles to do repair work.

What makes "Cleo Short" a prime suspect in my eyes is the refrigeration company "Cleo" worked for would almost with certainty had to have supplied "Cleo" with a "Panel Van" or truck of some kind to carry tools and parts in. Did the police ever think about finding this "Panel Van" and tossing it for blood evidence? The "Panel Van" would have been an idea place to cut "Elizabeth's" body in half then put the cleaned body half's in his car for disposal. Elizabeth could have easily hopped on a "Trolley" and traveled to her fathers home at any time between Jan. 9th and 14th.

The body dump area in "Leimert Park" is 4.3 miles from the "Kingsley Drive" residence of "Cleo Short". The detective "Harry Hansen" never had probable cause to search the home of "Cleo Short" for evidence of a murder. No one could place "Elizabeth Short" at her fathers residence the night of the murder so the detectives could not, "Toss The Place".

There's nothing I've read that states "Elizabeth" even knew her father lived just a few miles from her in Hollywood and Downtown Los Angeles. The police found out "Cleo" lived in Los Angeles but how did they find out? Did "Elizabeth" have his address or was "Cleo" found by a search of the city's database and good old fashioned police work of tracking down all family members in the United States?

Cleo Short passed away on the "19th Of January, 1967" at the age of 81. Did "Cleo" ever get enraged about "Elizabeth" finding and contacting him in Los Angeles? if he ever was contacted by his daughter?

Doctor "George Hodel" the son of L.A. detective "Steven Hodel" whom lived one block away from where "Elizabeth Short's" body was dumped and is one hell of a prime suspect also. This guys brain was rocked as he was accused of molesting his daughter and not found guilty most likely because his wife "Dorothy" protected him. I guess "Dorothy" was enjoying her life as a well off doctors wife. I read some of "Dorothy Hodel's" statements and she was the wall that kept her husband innocent even though he could have been guilty.

"Steven Hodel" was NOT an LAPD detective at the time of the "Black Dahlia" murder. "Steven Hodel" was just a small child and had absolutely nothing to do with the "Black Dahlia" investigation. This accusation by "Steven Hodel" against his father "George Hodel" came many decades later.

Dr. George Hodel was made a suspect because he attended lots of party's. The problem with this is "Elizabeth Short" wasn't know to attend private parties. "Elizabeth" always frequented the bars so she could get free drinks, food and of course, "Beg For Money" without having to "Slut" herself. Private parties would have meant she would have had to have sex more often than she did and put up with job offers.

It has been claimed by "George Hodel's" son "Steven Hodel" that his father "Dr. George Hodel" kept "Elizabeth Short" in his garage or in some stories I read his basement while she was pregnant with his fathers child but this is to far fetched to believe and most likely was written up this way for "Book Profits" by his detective son. Come On!, a pregnant women then a book that tells the story different later? This is one of those outrageous falsehoods that keep circulating around from person to person for a gain in profits.

"Mickey Cohen" ran his own crime family in Los Angeles under the "New York" supervision of "Bugsy Siegel". All Los Angeles mafia activity was controlled by the New York Mob and "Lucky Luciano". "Bugsy Siegel" and "Mickey Cohen" were "Jewish". Did "Mickey Cohen" or any of the other Mafia bosses order the hit on "Elizabeth Short? I personally do not think any hits were ordered directly on her but "Mickey Cohen" could have told his soldiers to dump a mutilated body from the Skid Row are near "Jack Dragna's" home which was located 4 blocks from the dump site in "Leimert Park". "Jack Dragna" was an Italian but was ordered to work with "Mickey Cohen" by the New York Mafia. "Mickey Cohen" was a brutal killer himself without question.

"Mickey Cohen" and "Jack Dragna" hated each other and even though they both were united in working under "Bugsy Siegel" both took little shots at each other from time to time. In June of 1947 when "Bugsy Siegel" was killed both "Mickey Cohen" and "Jack Dragna" went to war against each other and the bodies really started to pile up.

"Elizabeth Short's" face had been cut from the corners of her mouth to her ears. This is called the "Glasgow Smile" used by "Mafia Members" in Scotland. This "Glasgow Smile" had police also looking for someone who was of "Scottish or Irish" descent. When "Mickey Cohen" was boxing one of his two boxing ring aliases was, "Irish Mickey Cohen" even though "Mickey Cohen" was of Ukraine decent and Jewish.

"Mickey Cohen" always sided with the "Italian New York Mob" because they had the power, cash and resources. "Mickey Cohen" had plenty of "Irish" in his mob family along with Italians and probably was associated with "Irish And Scottish" mafia street gang families when he was growing up and lived in New York. The "Glasgow Smile" most likely was picked up from his years in New York Irish and Scottish street gangs.

This "Glasgow Smile" that was done to "Elizabeth Shorts" face is clearly a key clue in determining that that the killing of "Elizabeth" was connected to "Mickey Cohen's" Los Angeles crime family. The second clue will be who in "Mickey Cohens" crime family did it. The "Glasgow Smile" was done as a clear message to "Jack Dragna" who lived 4 1/2 blocks away from the body dump site.

Black Dahlia Mickey Cohen Boxing  

The Police Investigation

I'd like to say the police knew who the killer was and just could not prove it but this was never the case. Several years later in 1949 when "Mark Hansen's" taxi driver girlfriend shot him the police searched his home where Elizabeth Short was staying looking for her blood and did not find any. This search just proved the police had absolutely no idea who the killer was. Detective "Harry Hansen (No Relationship To "Mark Hansen") even stated he had no contact with the killer when interviewing suspects and that statement was true.

Black Dahlia Lola Titus

This is "Beverly Alice Bennett (AKA Lola Titus)" who was "Mark Hansen's" girlfriend in 1949. She was a 25 year old Taxi driver and dancer. Some people named her "Dime O Dance". Mark Hansen picked a crazy woman to date as she stated that "Mark Hansen" was going to love her, marry her and take care of her or she was going to kill him. "She Did Shoot Mark Hansen While He Was In His Bathroom" and this shooting gave police the opportunity to search for blood evidence in the "Elizabeth Short" murder case.

There was an attempted murder of "Viola Norton" on Feb. 14th, 1948 one year and one month after "Elizabeth's" body was found dumped but "Viola" survived. She told the police two men abducted her and beat her to no end. She was found one block from where "Elizabeth Short" was dumped and the police still did not make the connection to "ONE" mentally ill serial killer person lurking around in the night killing all kinds of women. The police kept investigating people whom "Elizabeth" interacted with and were in the address book that was given to the police by the killer.

This "Serial Killer" gave the police "Mark Hansen's" address book stolen by "Elizabeth Short" and the police went right after investigating the names in the address book only, leaving alone the possibility that a "Rogue Stranger" not in anyone's social circle or address book was lurking in the streets killing women at random. Really, "The killer Is Going To Give The Police An Address Book With His/Her Name And Phone Number In It". Sounds like the 1947 Los Angeles Police Dept. were all on the "Stupid Pill" .

The killer of "Elizabeth Short" was in possession of her personal belonging she carried on her. This serial killer contacted a Los Angeles newspaper and told them he would be sending her belongings to them. These belongings included her "Birth Certificate", "Business Cards", "Photographs" and "The Address Book She Stole From Mark Hansen". Did "Elizabeth" have a "Bank Account Book (Passbook)" that wasn't returned? She as all women do have a purse full of beauty products and some sort of container they kept their money in. These items were not returned and most likely kept as souvenirs as most serial killers do. "Elizabeth's" bank account book was most likely kept by the serial killer also.

Black Dahlia Mark Hansen's Address Book

This picture shows the contents of "Elizabeth Short's" purse that the killer sent the newspaper including the address book at the far left. 

Los Angeles was murder central in 1947 with bodies being found all over the city. You will read that all the L.A. murders in this time period were due to returning soldiers and this is not true. The fact of the matter is all the murders were due to men going into the military to fight WWII and leaving police departments short of recruits and officers on the streets. It took years after the war for police departments to get enough officers trained to bring down the crime rate. Without police all the loonies come out to get involved in criminal activity especially mafia groups.

The Police Investigating The Countless Murders Were Clueless

All these murders were investigated as individual murders done by the U.S. military coming back from a brutal war. Serial Killers were not even looked at before the 1960's or even dealt with until the 1970's. There were no investigations of serial killers until the 1970's when hoards of them started leaving bodies all over towns and cities. There's still people that don't believe a serial killer was in play with these 1940's murders. The media has people trained to believe that all these murders were done individually by soldiers returning back to the U.S. from combat. How screwed up some people are to follow that line of thought when history has proved all serial killers that have been caught were really sick individuals who have "Never Been In The Military".

Black Dahlia 1946 Los Angeles Times article blaming the rise in crime on returning soldiers.

The above article is a 1946 Los Angeles Times newspaper clipping showing how the WWII veterans were getting blamed for the high murder rate in the city and county. The Police in the "Black Dahlia" murder case were blaming the soaring murder rate in 1947 on returning WWII veterans because jails were being filled with ex soldiers doing burglaries and robbery's along with other theft crimes to support themselves in an after war economy with "No" jobs. This newspaper clipping states it would be more justified to give the WWII veterans "Probation" meaning the crimes being committed were not violent offences.  

Finding out who killed "Elizabeth" wasn't a matter of looking at suspects as to which one had a singular problem with "Elizabeth" and wanted her dead. Looking at who killed "Elizabeth" is a matter of looking for a single serial killer personality who was murdering many women just to piss off the police for fun. The problem with the police back before the 1970's is they never investigated multiple murders as being by a mentally ill serial killer. This serial killer was "Never" found. Many murders gave gone unsolved most likely due to police departments not investigating these murders as a group of killings being done by one person.

There have been "Serial Murders" for centuries and beyond that were only investigated as individual crimes. "Jack The Ripper" was the first "Serial Murderer" in 1880 that became just as big of a public sensation as "The Black Dahlia". Even though they used the term "Serial Murder" way back when they always investigated each murder "Individually" or in the "Singular Sense" and "NOT" as a group of many killings done by one person. It wasn't until 1966 that the term "Serial Killer" was coined in the U.S. in a book. In 1974 the term "Serial Killer" started to take hold and the police finally started to investigate many related murders as a group of killings done by one individual.

My Final Thoughts As To Who Killed Elizabeth Short 

"Viola Norton" Told The Tale Of What Happened To The "Black Dahlia"

My final thoughts on the killing of "Elizabeth Short" is that nobody knew she was back in Los Angeles after her month long stay in San Diego. Something spooked "Elizabeth" at the "Chancellor Apartments" or she had "Stolen Or Borrowed Some Money" and somebody was looking for her to get it back so off to San Diego she went. Whatever the reason was that "Elizabeth" went to San Diego it wasn't the reason she was murdered on January 15th. I do know she was "Never" broke.

All the hundreds upon hundreds of suspects looked at and interviewed were all cleared of any involvement in the murder of "Elizabeth Short" because there was no connection or evidence. The two doctors were the most likely suspects but no one could put "Elizabeth" as ever knowing these doctors. The doctors just fit into the profile in some way or another and lived in the area of the body dump. "Elizabeth's" father is suspect because he kicked "Elizabeth" out of his "Vallejo" home and after he moved to Los Angeles "Elizabeth" may have shown up which would have lit the fuse on the firecracker. If "Elizabeth" looked up her father and found out where he lived and contacted him he may have become violent.

My conclusion on the "Elizabeth Short" murder, "She Was Murdered By A Pair Of Rogue Mafia Serial Killer Soldiers Who Were Lets Say, Off Duty Prowling For Victims" and working together side by side in the "Alhambra" and "Downtown Los Angeles South Main Street" area during  the 1946 through 1949 years. After 1949 a murder in the San Diego area was reported that matched the murders in Los Angeles. My thoughts are with all the media coverage of the "Elizabeth Short" murder her serial killers went to San Diego and did a murder after they found out "Elizabeth" was in San Diego just to mess with the police.

"Viola Norton" stated she was snatched off the streets of Alhambra next the downtown area of Los Angeles by "Two Men", beaten up and left for dead in the area where "Elizabeth Short's" body was found. "Viola Norton's" body was found on Feb. 14th 1948 beaten to a pulp but she survived and told her story to the police whom were blinded by their own thoughts.

These two serial killers were all over the Los Angeles area suburbs actually including the Long Beach/Santa Monica areas and their murder victims in these areas most likely were just tucked away in some suburb police file as another victim of an unsolved murder that could not be solved. In the 1940's one major newspaper was calling the murders they did publicize, "Another Victim Of The Werewolf" because there were so many. The newspapers did not print most of the murders, just the gruesome and high profile murders.

The chances of two serial killers getting together on their own, "NILL". The chances of two serial killers getting together because they both were hired by the "Mafia" to do "Contract Killings", "Yes".

What happens when these serial killers hired to do contract killings are between contracts? They satisfy their need to kill by finding random victims to murder around Los Angeles like "Elizabeth Short" was killed. If you like to kill for sport and do not involve the "Mafia Bosses" in your extracurricular killings done on your own time the "Mafia" has some work for you. What people don't realize is during the period before and after 1947 there were many "Mafia Paid and Trained Serial Killers" living in Los Angeles and some were "Serial Killers".

What brought me to the final conclusion that the "Black Dahlia" was a victim of mafia serial killers was when I came across the attempted murder of "Viola Norton" on February 14th, 1948 which was a little over a year after "Elizabeth Short" was murdered. "Viola Norton" was beaten to a pulp but she survived and told the police, "Two Men Kidnapped Her Off Of A "Alhambra" Street At 1:30 am when she was walking home from a bar. "Viola Norton's" body was found 1 block from where "Elizabeth Short's" body was cut in half and placed. As I stated earlier in this article, the killer had to have known the area where "Elizabeth Short's" body was dumped and these two killer's surely would have known many areas in "Los Angeles" and the surrounding areas where they could dump bodies without being seen.

I found out a "Mafia Boss" named "Jack Dragna" lived just 4 1/2 blocks from where "Elizabeth Short's" body was dumped which means "ALL MAFIA HIT MEN KNEW THIS AREA" and there were many "Mafia" hit men living in Los Angeles at this time. I also found out "Mickey Cohen" hated "Jack Dragna" to no end and "Mickey Cohen" was a "Flipped Out Violent Maniac" who would be well educated on the "Glaskow Smile". I will go into the "Mafia" connection later in this article.

I looked into "Mafia Soldiers" at this time period and found out there were "Two Killers Who Were Dubbed, THE TWO TONY'S" who did indeed come to Los Angeles in 1946 and were working for "Mickey Cohen". A short time after the "Two Tony's" went to work for "Mickey Cohen" they quit and became "independent" contract killers.

The "Glasgow Smile", "The Two Tony's And Viola Norton's Testimony" plus "Jack Dragna Living In The Area Of  Elizabeth's Body Dump Site" really tells the story.

The Night Of January 14th, 1947

"Elizabeth Short" at that time was still staying out late at the Greyhound bus station bar named the "Corral" in downtown Los Angeles on "Los Angeles Street And 6th". It appears she always had enough cash to get her out partying at night and then home again before the "Trolley's" stopped running while spending very little on her housing. When she did find housing for herself it was because someone else paid for it or she made a lot of money begging.

She used to walk up to people and ask them for money or give them a sob story about how down on her luck she was. Hell, $1.00 back then could feed you all day. One of her ex-boyfriends "Gordon Fickling" who was in the military sent her $100 not long before her death which was a good chunk of cash for those days.

Black Dahlia Boy Friend Gordon Fickling

Elizabeth Short with her ex boyfriend "Gordon Fickling" whom sent her $100 before her murder

Here's a copy/pasted quote below I found from a woman police office who encountered "Elizabeth" at the Greyhound bus station on January 14, 1947. Was "Elizabeth" snatched off the sidewalk by these "Two Tony's" serial killers not long after this police officer was in contact with her. 

As for "Elizabeth" saying her father was coming to get her and her ex-boyfriend was going to kill her, well, those are just statements where she uses a family member or someone close as an excuse to get something or keep her out of trouble. In this case her false statements were to  keep the Police Woman from busting her for "Panhandling" or "Begging". The ex-marine boyfriend she said was going to kill her was the one that gave her the $100 before she was murdered. 

Out of all the false claims made about "Elizabeth" sightings before she was murdered I do believe this one with the Police Woman contact which would be true since the statement was by a trained police officer who gave a statement to the newspaper:
Perhaps the last claim of seeing Elizabeth Short was made by policewoman Myrl McBride at a downtown Los Angeles bus station on January 14. Newspaper articles quoted McBride as saying the young woman, whom she later identified as Elizabeth Short, was “sobbing with terror” when she first saw her. The officer said that Beth asked for protection from “her marine boy friend who once threatened to kill me if he ever found me with another man.”  
Newspapers reported that McBride took her back into the bar. According to the articles, Beth “talked with a woman and a tall man for a few seconds, then emerged. When cautioned to go home, the girl was quoted as having refused and returned to the station saying, ‘My daddy’s coming in two hours from now.'”  
The articles said the encounter took place “some four hours before the murder.” 

 Black Dahlia Myrt McBride Newspaper Clipping Charleston Gazette Oct. 18 1947

The picture of the newspaper clipping is from the "Charleston Gazette" Oct. 18th 1947 Eight months after the brutal killing of Elizabeth Short. You would think a police woman's testimony would have been taken in January right after the event happened and most likely is was but kept "Hush Hush" until Oct. of 1947. Police depts. always hold back on clues and testimony's to keep the criminals acting the way they always do during an investigation so they can be caught faster.

The Picture Above Of The Then "Corral Bar" Shows An Outside Bar Entrance But Most Likely Has An Inside Entrance Also Where The Police Officer Encountered "Elizabeth Short".

The Police Woman Who Encountered "Elizabeth Short" On Tuesday, January 14th, 1947 Was Patrolling The Area Around The "Corral Bar" At The Greyhound Bus Station. "Elizabeth Short" It's Found Out Was Always Telling Tall Stories And The Story She Told The Police Woman Was Just Fabricated To Keep The Police Officer From Busting Her For "Panhandling".  "Elizabeth Short" Was Indeed At This "Greyhound Bus Station" Bar "Panhandling" or "Begging For Cash" From The Constantly Changing Customers And The Police Woman That Encountered "Elizabeth" Could Have Busted Her. Everytime A New Bus Was Coming In "Elizabeth" Would Hit The Travelers Up For Money. 

The "Greyhound" bus station building today looks nothing like the "Architectural Beauty" it once was in 1947. The building was "Redesigned" for maximum profit with the design features taken out which makes it "Drab" like a ghetto neighborhood.

The Victims Of The Killers

These "Two Tony" serial killers mostly picked their victims up close to the bar closing and women that did not go home with somebody or have their own car. "Elizabeth Short" who always left before the "Trolley's" stopped running would have had to walk to the trolley pick up point. Some of these women were alcoholics whom lost everything or were begging to survive. Some of these alcoholic women had dates with men who had good incomes and when the man wanted to leave the women stayed and kept drinking at the bar until the bar closed then they walked to whatever place they stayed. These barfly women walking home alone after the bar closed were literally kidnapped off the sidewalk by the "Two Tony" serial killers. A few of the women were abducted during the day by a single individual while they were alone but most were after hour bar abductions.

Black Dahlia 1948 Los Angeles Crime Statistics

During the 1946 and 1947 years the murder rates climbed slightly to well over 100. The murder rates back in those days were not anything like they are now with the steep rise in illegal immigration that's causing massive poverty. In 2017 there were 287 murders in Los Angeles.

The chart above shows only murders in the Los Angeles area only. It does not show murders in towns and cities that are suburbs of Los Angeles. Also, I have seen the "Assaults" for 1948 and they are 8 times higher than the murder rate. Most of the assaults are people that were stabbed with a knife and survived. In 1947 with 119 murders there were over 800 violent assaults which included stabbings, beating and other forms of brutalization's. 

Since some killers will make an effort to lead police away from them in a different direction the categories labeled "Not Stated", "Other Reasons", "Organized Gang", "Justifiable" and "Citizen Killed By Bandit" may contain victims of serial killers. I'd suspect all Unsolved murders like "Elizabeth Short" are in the "Other Reasons" or "Not Stated" labels for a possible total of "17 Serial Killings" in 1947. 

How many of these killings in the "Other" and "Not Stated" labels were done by serial killers is unknown but at least 10 in 1947 were. "Viola Norton" survived or it would be 11. Since the mafia hires "Serial Killers" Los Angeles has a yearly number of "Not Stated" and "Other Reason" killings in most years.

Black Dahlia 1950 Unsolved Los Angeles Murders

This is a 1950 newspaper noting the most brutal of the L.A. women killed in the years before

This complied list of murders fit the "Black Dahlia" profile in that they were very brutal (except for the two bodies that were never found). In at least 4 of the murders the killers left messages for the police. With 2 of the 4 bodies only the messages were left with the bodies never being found. None of the other bodies were cut in two. All were beaten and brutalized to no end with their faces beaten so bad at times you would not be able to recognize them. One was strangled in her car. I didn't look up murders before 1947 because there's nothing that fits these kinds of murders. "The Two Tony's" didn't show up until 1946 and most of the brutal murders before 1947 were solved. I could not find any murders before 1946 in the Kansas City area where, "The Two Tony's" came from. Stats and records prior to the 1960's are inaccurate or non existent.

Elizabeth Short (Black Dehlia) January 15th 1947 B.D. on body. Body dumped in "Leimert Park" on "Norton Ave." appox. 6 miles southwest of downtown Los Angeles.

Jeanne "Nette" Axford (French) "The Lipstick Murder" February 10th 1947 B.D. and TEX on body. Body dumped in a construction area next to the "Santa Monica" airport on "Indianapolis Street" near "Grand View".

Evelyn Winters  March 12th 1947. Body dumped 2 miles north of downtown Los Angeles near "North Main Street" just a few miles from where "South Main Street" turns into "North Main Street" on "Ducommun Street" near the "Union Station Railroad Terminal".

Laura Trelstad  May 11th 1947  Body Dumped In Long Beach Oil Fields. Last seen intoxicated in bars near there.

Rosenda Mondragon  July 8th 1947. Body dumped in a vacant lot 1 mile north of where "Evelyn Winters" body was found right off "North Main Street" north of downtown Los Angeles.

Louise Dominguez  October 2nd 1947. 17th Street and Michigan Avenue in Santa Monica. Man walked by her and her friends on a really dark sidewalk area and stabbed her. Her body fell on the sidewalk where she died.

Viola Norton February 14th 1948 Survived the attempted murder. Body dumped and left for dead in "Leimert Park" 1 block from where "Elizabeth Short's" body was found.

Gladys Kern  February 16th 1948. Body found laid out in the home she was showing to a potential buyer in the "Hollywood Hills".

Louise Springer June 13th 1949 Abducted during daylight hours from a parking lot in her car only "One" block away from where "Elizabeth Short's" body was found in "Leimert Park". The body was left in the car she was abducted in on "125 W. 38th Street" off of "South Main Street" 2.8 miles south of the bus station in downtown Los Angeles.

Jean Spangler August 11th 1949 One time roommate of "Elizabeth Short". Body never found but the killer left her purse in "Griffith Park Fern Dell Section" north of "Hollywood Blvd." at the end of "Los Feliz Drive" just a few miles from "Mark Hansen's" "Carlos Ave." home next to the 101 freeway. Jean is listed as a "Missing Person" but her purse strap was broken as is someone ripped it from her and set it down while they were kidnapping her. Same "MO" as Viola Norton. The question is? "Who Did She Know In This Very Wealthy Area?" and "Why Was She Walking Through This Narrow Park Area?"

Mimi Boombauer August 18 1949 Body never found. Purse found with note written in lipstick left on "Wilshire Blvd." just like the lipstick on the "Jeanne French" body.

Note: The problem with the "B.D." whom people say is short for "Black Dahlia" is wrong. "Elizabeth Short" was not dubbed the "Black Dahlia" until after her death so the B.D. on her body means something else. Most law enforcement at the time deemed the lettering to be, "P.D" on both bodies and not "B.D.".

What I saw during my research of the "Black Dahlia" murder was that these two serial killers operated mainly along "South Main Street" in downtown L.A. close to "Skid Row". The bus station where "Elizabeth Short" was begging for money was on "Los Angeles Street And 6th" around 4 blocks east of "Pershing Square" in downtown L.A. right next to "Skid Row" to the east. It seems that "Elizabeth" lived at the "Astor" hotel 2 1/2 miles away from the bus station so she would have had to leave before the "Trolley's" stopped running or take a taxi cab back to the "Aster Motel". Did she get "Snatched Off The Street" as what happened to "Viola Norton" walking to public transportation or did she accept a ride from the two serial killers who ended her life?

In 1947 there were many people turning up missing due to these two serial killers who operated around the "Skid Row" area. There were an estimated 10,000 homeless people wandering around this 4 mile radius. The "Cecil Hotel" at "640 South Main Street" one block over to the South West of the Greyhound bus station where "Elizabeth Short" was last seen alive by a woman police officer was a haven for criminal activity and a rooming house for low income people.

These missing "Skid Row" people were never fully investigated because they were poverty stricken and during WWII and the police dept. was extremely understaffed and struggling to get new police officers trained and out on the streets. In 1947 the Los Angeles Police Dept. was still extremely understaffed and fighting an unbelievable crime rate so many missing persons that were reported were never added to any statistics unless their bodies showed up.

Back In 1947 The Los Angeles Highways On This Map Did Not Exist. The Highways Were Not Built Until The Early 1950's A Few Years After The Death Of "Elizabeth Short".

The Last Day Of "Elizabeth Short's" Life Was Spent At The "Aster Motel" Where She Lived And The Greyhound Bus Station Where She Drank And Partied On The Night Of Tuesday, January 14th, 1947. There Are Stories She Was Spotted Drinking In The Bar At The "Cecil Hotel" And Although This Is A Possibility I Highly Doubt The Story Is True Because "Elizabeth" Did Not Care To Go Into Places That Were "Bad Neighborhoods" Of Crazy People And Criminal Activity. The "Cecil Hotel" Was Turned Into A Residential Hotel Due To The Fact The Area Was Not A Classy Area. The Greyhound Bus Station Was A Place Of Classy People Who Had Money Traveling And Just Passing Through So Begging At The Greyhound Station Might Have Bore Better Profits. 

"Elizabeth's" Last Residence Was At The Clean And Safe "Aster Motel" 2.5 Miles Away And Noway Near "Skid Row" Which Was A Haven For Crime. Back In 1947 "City Transit Lines" were everywhere. As Long As She Left The Greyhound Bus Station By 11:30pm She Most Likely Could Take A Bus, Subway or "Electric Rail" Back To The "Aster Motel". It's Most Likely That During Her Journey To One Of The City's "Rapid Transit" Pickup Points Her Serial Killer Kidnapped Her And Ended "Elizabeth's" Life Then Dumping Her Body In "Leimert Park" As A Message.

The Crime Families Makeup

Lets be honest here! The "Los Angeles" mafia is listed as being run by the "Jewish Leadership" of "Bugsy Siegel" and "Mickey Cohen" as the Hollywood movie industry still is controlled by the "Jewish Religious Makeup". The Jewish bosses running the movie studios always replace an outgoing Jewish movie studio boss with an incoming Jewish movie studio boss. Hollywood still is staffed by "Cultural Warriors" but there's only "Jewish" in the executive positions. The 1947 makeup of the Los Angeles mafia is said to be, "Multi Cultural" except for the mafia bosses. I actually learned this from, "Wikipedia" under the title of "Cohen Crime Family". The only exception is the "Los Angeles Crime Family" run by "Jack Dragna" who was Italian which is not a religion but I haven't read it was jewish. "Jack Dragna" was a Catholic.

The way the Los Angeles mafia was set up is that "Bugsy Siegel" was a crime boss in the New York crime family of "Lucky Luciano". "Bugsy" was sent out to Los Angeles to oversee New York operations in the Los Angeles market. There were already two crime families operating in Los Angeles and these families were the "Cohen" and "Los Angeles (Jack Dragna)" crime families. "Bugsy Siegel" arrived and brought both crime families together under one tent. The "Cohen" and "Los Angeles" crime families hated each other but were under pressure to get along or "Lucky Luciano" who had a crime family that would wipe out both of their crime families, "Would Do So".

Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel was the crime boss in the Los Angeles area since the early 1930's. "Mickey Cohen" with his "Cohen Crime Family" was "Bugsy Siegel's" Lieutenant" in 1947 and became the "Boss" after "Bugsy" was killed in June of 1947 by "Lucky Luciano" for 2 million dollars that was missing from the "Flamingo Hotel" build in Las Vegas. "Bugsy Siegel" was killed in June of 1947 which caused a huge mafia war for power after his June death between "Mickey Cohen" and "Jack Dragna". My point is that the two rival crime families united under"Bugsy Siegel" may have imported some of his most ruthless killers prior to 1947. People may reject this theory but when you need an army of "Hit Men" you hire intelligent people that like to kill naturally even if there is no pay involved.

Black Dahlia Bugsy Siegel 1947 Murder In His Home

"Bugsy Siegel" lay shot to death in his own home which started the 1947 mafia war

What people do not see is that "Jack Dragna" a "Mafia Boss" in the Los Angeles area lived just 4 1/2 blocks from the "Elizabeth Short" body dump site in "Leimert Park". Really makes you turn your attention to whom you believe was the killer of the "Black Dahlia" who were in my own opinion the "Mafia Serial Killer Soldiers" called "The Two Tony's" out doing random killings between "Mafia" contracts or ordered by "Mickey Cohen" to send a message to his rival "Jack Dragna".

Black Dahlia Bugsy Siegel

Bugsy Siegel was the big daddy of Los Angeles and was part of the New York mafia of "Lucky Luciano". If you were an intelligent killer and could get the job done without bringing attention to the "Mafia Families" you had a job.

Black Dahlia Mickey Cohen

Mickey Cohen operated the "Cohen" crime family under his mobster boss "Bugsy Siegel". Cohen was constantly being attacked and had numerous of these, "Serial Killer Type Body Guards" around. As a matter of fact, one of "Mickey Cohen's" body guards was killed by the daughter of "Lana Turner".

Black Dahlia Jack Dragna

Jack Dragna ran the "Los Angeles" crime family with his own slew of "Mafia Serial Killer Hit men" so there were no shortages of "Serial Killers" running around Los Angeles. When "Bugsy Siegel" came to Los Angeles it was said that himself and "Dragna" worked well together but many people in the city were dying.

There have been stories of the "Hollywood" mafia killing "Elizabeth" and although an ordered hit on her is not likely it may be that some of the "Hit Men" employed by "Mickey Cohen" were mentally ill "Serial Killers". The city of Los Angeles blamed the high crime rate on returning soldiers but the reality most likely is the high crime rate was due to the many "Mentally Ill Hit Men Serial Killers" being brought into the Los Angeles area to eliminate witnesses in prosecutions against the "Mafia", protection of the Mafia and to fight the wars between the rival "Cohen" and "Dragna" families.

When these mafia "Hit Men" did not have any paid contracts they would scour the Los Angeles streets looking for "Victims" which are always women but some men here and there. Women are easier targets but I'm sure some men were victims of these "Mentally Ill Mafia Hit Men Serial Killers". The women usually get raped before they are killed so women are more preferable.

The Serial Killers On The Loose

When I finished this look at "Elizabeth Short's" murder I came to a possible conclusion that her "Serial Killers" may have been imported by the "Jewish Mafia Boss Mickey Cohen" who controlled the Hollywood/Los Angeles crime syndicate under "Bugsy Siegel". I say "Jewish" because the two big bosses and many mafia executives in Los Angeles were Jewish while the rest of the crime family members were mainly "Italian" with a huge mixture of others. These mafia crime families unlike the "New York" crime families were seeded in a cultural mix.

Yes, in 1947 a mafia war broke out in "Los Angeles" and "Mafia Serial Killer Soldiers" were brought in from all over the United States to fight the war. Even though "Elizabeth" was killed before the "Mafia War" started I'm sure a slew of "Mafia Serial Killer Soldiers" were brought into the Los Angeles area long before "Elizabeth" was killed in the struggle for dominance between the "Cohen" and "Los Angeles" "Mafia" families.

Even though Los Angeles had developed an "LAPD Gangster Squad" in 1946 to develop information on mafia activity nothing was set to go until Dec. of 1947 as this Los Angeles Times newspaper clipping show.

I was absolutely correct in my speculation that "Elizabeth Short's" killers were brought in before the mafia war started in mid 1947. I really cannot believe I found the conclusion that "Mickey Cohen" was indirectly responsible but what is really more shocking to me is I may have found out who the actual "Mafia Serial Killer Soldiers" are who murdered "Elizabeth". I believe the "Two Tony's" were the pair of killers that took "Elizabeth Short's" life.

The Two Tony's

The "Two Tony's" were "Anthony Brancato" and "Anthony Joseph Trombino". Both met in the Kansas City mafia and started handling business in Los Angeles away from any organized mafia family. The "Two Tony's" were part of a Kansas City mafia family and needed permission to move to Los Angeles. Once in Los Angeles they worked for the "Cohen Crime Family" for several months before they went independent.

It's said that both migrated to Los Angeles in "Mid 1947" after "Bugsy Siegel" was killed and the mafia war broke out but in reality they migrated to Los Angeles in 1946 and worked for the "Mickey Cohen" crime family before they broke away to become, "Independent Hit Men For Hire". There's no absolute date as to when they migrated to Los Angeles but it was in 1946 before the "Black Dahlia" murder. I've read several statements saying the "Two Tony's" were involved in the shooting of "Bugsy Siegel" which means they were in Los Angeles before the mafia war broke out. People just assumed "The Two Tony's" were brought to Los Angeles to fight in the mafia war between "Dragna" and "Cohen" but in reality they were in Los Angeles in late 1946.

Even though the "Two Tony's" worked for the "Cohen Crime Family" the "Two Tony's" went freelance shortly after they came to Los Angeles and it's said in many statements that they are suspected of being involved in the assassination of "Bugsy Siegel in June of 1947 which was ordered by "Lucky Luciano" himself. "The Two Tony's" did participate in the assassination attempt of "Mickey Cohen" by "Jack Dragna" in 1949. I speculate the "Two Tony's" split from the "Cohen Crime Family" in the late part of 1946.

The "Two Tony's" whom really were "Independent Hit Men For Hire" were also "Violent Serial Killers". They had been arrested 46 times with 17 convictions while working for the big three crime families in Los Angeles. Their crimes included aggravated assault, armed robbery, burglary, narcotics violations, rape, and in addition, they were suspected of several murders. I haven't read anything about the LAPD suspecting them of the non mob murders around L.A.. With all these arrests between 1946 and 1951 they were still set free. Reality says something about the Los Angeles justice system which was filled with corrupt judges.

What really gets me about the "Two Tony's" is that they went to work for the "Cohen Crime Family" then started working for the "Los Angeles Crime Family (Jack Dragna)" and "Mickey Cohen" did not retaliate against them for this. "Mickey Cohen" did make a small statement about the "Two Tony's" years later and he said the "Two Tony's" started to disrespect and bully ordinary people which was not needed on the west coast.

The "Two Tony's" may have been trying to form their own "Crime Family" by hustling cash on their own away from any of the established Los Angeles crime families with a few other personalities of the day. "Bugsy Siegel", "Mickey Cohen" and "Jack Dragna" never did anything to stop them. What finally got the "Two Tony's" killed is they robbed the "Flamingo Hotel In Las Vegas" which was owned by the really powerful "New York Mafia" and "Lucky Luciano" who killed the "Two Tony's" August, 6th 1951 on the spot for the robberies.

Black Dahlia The Dead "Two Tony's" 

The "Two Tony's" dead August 6, 1951 after "Lucky Luciano" found out they were the one's that robbed his "Flamingo Hotel" in Las Vegas. Even though no proof was ever generated about their serial killings in Los Angeles it's my "Educated Speculation" that the "Two Tony's" are the vicious killers of "Elizabeth Short".

Did the Los Angeles police know about, "The Two Tony's"? Maybe not at the time of the "Black Dahlia" killing even though they started racking up their 46 arrests and 17 criminal convictions. The police were "On The Take" and downplaying mafia activity.

I could not find any 1945 or 1946 murder reports in Kansas City where the "Two Tony's" met showing any unsolved murder pattern that moved to the Los Angeles area. Except for the bloody beatings of women in Los Angeles during 1947 that were published in print any records of other murders not published in newspapers cannot be found and there were plenty of them.

"The Two Tony's" were violent and savage serial killers whom were paid good money by organized crime to beat up and kill any resistance against organized crime. Assaults in this time period were 8 to 1 compared with murders. "The Two Tony's" were paid to "Beat The Holy Crap Out Of People" too and this explains why so many women in 1947 Los Angeles were found dead after they were brutally beaten, strangled or cut in half.

My personal thought is "Elizabeth Short" was one of the "Two Tony's" first serial killings after they arrived in Los Angeles. "The Two Tony's" killed "Elizabeth" and sent her body as a message to "Jack Dragna" who lived 4 1/2 blocks from the body dump site.

"The Two Tony's" were getting contracts from both the "Cohen" and "Dragna" crime families for sure. It's definitely known that "The Two Tony's" tried to kill their former boss "Mickey Cohen" several times for "Jack Dragna". "The Two Tony's" in their spare time were raping and beating women which the LAPD suspected them of doing right along with many unsolved murders. Did the police suspect "The Two Tony's" of killing all the women that were turning up dead, "NO". I did not read anything that stated the police suspected them of slaying these unsolved "Elizabeth Short" type serial killings but the LAPD did suspect them of other killings.

The End Result Of My Look Into The Elizabeth Short Killing

The "Mickey Cohen" "Two Tony Mafia Soldiers" brought into the Los Angeles area were responsible for the death of "Elizabeth Short". I will say the "Two Tony Mafia Soldiers" who worked for "Mickey Cohen" at the time of "Elizabeth Short's" death did it because "Mickey Cohen" had more ties to Irish and Scottish gangs who used the "Glaskow Smile" to make a statement. At one time "Mickey Cohen" was called the "Irish Mickey Cohen" which isn't Scottish but it shows he was in involved with people from the Irish/Scottish area in England. "Jack Dragna" was "Mickey Cohen's" bitter rival and his home was just 4 1/2 blocks from the "Elizabeth Short" body dump site which makes me believe "Elizabeth" was placed there cut in half with the "Glaskow Smile" as a message to "Jack Dragna".

Black Dahlia body dump site and Jack Dragna's home

It's my opinion that the brutalized body of "Elizabeth Short" was placed near the rival mob boss home of "Jack Dragna" by "The Two Tony's Freelance Serial Killers" to send a clear message from"Mickey Cohen" to back down. When "Bugsy Siegel" was killed by the "Two Tony's" a war broke out and "Dragna" made it a point over several years to assassinate "Cohen" over this body dump message using the "Two Tony's" who dumped "Elizabeth Short" as the message. 6 months after the "Cohen"/"Dragna" war started "Viola Norton" was dumped in the same area as "Elizabeth Short". "Louise Springer's" dead body was also left in her car in "Leimert Park" one block away from the "Elizabeth Short" body dump site on June 13th, 1949. "The Two Tony's Freelance Serial Killers" were playing both sides of the coin working for the "Cohen" and "Dragna" crime families against who were fighting each other.

Black Dahlia Jack Dragna's home on Hubert Ave.

This is the "Jack Dragna" home as it looked in 1947 @ 3927 Hubert Ave. 1/2 mile away from the "Black Dahlia" body dump site in "Leimert Park". 

Most of the women were taken off the streets and beaten up to the point they could not be recognized or stabbed viciously to the point the stabbing was about releasing anger and rage rather than just being an ordinary killing. "Elizabeth Short" was a message to "Jack Dragna" and I further believe that "Mickey Cohen" told his "Two Tony Serial Killer Soldiers" to grab any ol women during one of their killing sprees and dump it next to "Jack Dragna's" home so brutalized the message could not be misunderstood.

In my opinion "Elizabeth Short" was killed by the roving "Two Tony Mafia Soldiers" of "Mickey Cohen" who tried to kill "Viola Norton" a year later but failed and the Los Angeles police department due to public pressure to solve her murder kept investigating the murder as being done by someone she knew instead of targeting the "Two Tony Mafia Soldiers" whom were "Serial Killers" by nature. These acts of not investigating the crimes as mafia related would have been ordered by corrupt cops and judges.

The public pressure was great in 1950 to find the killer of "Elizabeth Short" and some push back on "Mickey Cohen" himself was going on by the LAPD because of public pressure. "Mickey Cohen" was being harassed extensively by the Los Angeles police department as his attempted assassination by "Jack Dragna" and the "Two Tony's" was ongoing. The "Two Tony's" left the "Cohen Crime Family" and became freelance killers for hire while they formed their own crime family.

Even though the LAPD were harassing "Mickey Cohen" it really makes you think the Los Angeles Police Dept. did not see "The Two Tony's" as the "Black Dahlia" killer because they "Tossed Mark Hansen's" home looking for blood evidence in 1949.

Some of the Los Angeles police were on the "Mafia Payroll" and for decades avoided going after the killers the "Mafia" hired as their soldiers. In the 1970's when "Serial Killers" emerged on their own not associated with the "Mafia" is when the problem of "Serial Killers" had to be addressed and taken seriously by all police departments. During the 1960's, 1970's and 1980's the federal and local governments were breaking up most of these crime families leaving these serial killers without jobs working for the mafia.

Black Dahlia 1946 Gangster Squad

Here's a photo of the 1948 "LAPD Gangster Squad". The "Gangster Squad" was created in 1946 just to gather information on "Corrupt Police Officers" and the mafia's operating in Los Angeles. So many bodies were popping up I guess it was time for the LAPD to take action. It doesn't look like they had any real effect attacking the mafia directly. "Mickey Cohen" was jailed for tax evasion in 1962. They most likely were more effective in taking down "Corrupt Cops And Judges" who were ignoring mafia crimes like the "Elizabeth Short" murder which eventually kept a good flow of mafia bosses and soldiers going to prison that stopped the mob operations due to lack of people.  

In my own opinion the top "Prosecutors" and "Police Executives" governing Los Angeles in 1947  did not know anything about who killed "The Black Dahlia". She was killed by rogue mafia soldiers who were between "Mafia Contracts". Body's were popping up here and there all over Los Angeles that the newspapers "Never" printed up. The newspapers only printed up the killings that became "Popular", just like today with hundreds of other killings never getting a mention. The big thought was veterans were still blood thirsty after WWII and doing all the killings when the fact was the mafia was hiring "Serial Killers" to lets say, "Take Care Of Business".

Black Dahlia Dec. 5th 1947 article stating WWII veterans were not responsible for increased murder rates.

This Dec. 5th 1947 Los Angeles Times Newspaper clipping shows the LAPD had gathered enough evidence through their "Gangster Squad" to be convinced that the "Returning WWII Veterans" were not the cause of the rise in the murder rate. "Mafia Violence" was not addressed in this newspaper clipping when asked what is the true cause of the rise in crime.

The Final Conclusion

The Los Angeles police dept. without a doubt knew all about the "Mafia" families working the city and them not knowing that women were being killed by these "Mafia Serial Killer Soldiers For Sport" is a sandwich that is hard for me to swallow but I have to swallow it because they tossed "Mark Hansen's" home in 1949 looking for blood evidence in the "Black Dahlia" murder. I have to believe law enforcement in 1947 did not know the killings were being done by the "Two Tony's" even after they had been arrested 43 times with 17 convictions.

In my personal opinion, "The Two Tony's" snatched "Elizabeth Short" off a Los Angeles street when she left the "Corral Bar" in the "Greyhound Bus Station" just like "Viola Norton" was snatched off an Alhambra street a year after "Elizabeth" was taken. Alhambra sets on the northern border of Downtown Los Angeles near the Skid Row district.

 "Gladys Kern" on February 16th 1948 was found laid out and dead in the home she was showing to a potential buyer in the "Hollywood Hills". The police got a message from the killers assistant indicating there were "Two" killers.

 "Elizabeth" was on her way to catch a "Trolley" or even the  "Subway" back down to the "Astor Motel" 2 1/2 miles away where she was residing at the time when, "The Two Tony's" saw her walking and grabbed her off the street like they did to "Viola Norton" a year later. Of course she should have taken a "Cab" but the "Trolley" would have saved her so much money over taking a "Cab".

The "Two Tony's" were vicious out of control "Serial Killers" who found a way to make money while applying their skilled trade of killing and satisfying their urges of murdering people in the underworld of organized crime.

"Elizabeth Short" in my own opinion may not have been the first "Two Tony" killing in the Los Angeles area. The "Two Tony's" at that time were seriously controlled by "Mickey Cohen" until they broke away before the "Big Los Angeles Mafia War" broke out. On appearances and in speculation it looks like "Mickey Cohen" who was brutal himself ordered a body from the Skid Row area be brutalized and dumped in the area of "Jack Dragna's" home to send a message.

What "Mickey Cohen" did not expect was the way the "Two Tony's" brutalized "Elizabeth Short's" body. Whenever there is a suspected mafia killing it makes headlines but the snatching of an innocent woman off the street then "Cut In Half" and given the "Glasgow Smile" of over the top. "Mickey Cohen" even as brutal as he was most likely went ballistic over the media sensation that happened.

This type of brutal killing really satisfied the "Two Tony's" so they kept grabbing women through 1947, 1948 and 1949 between their work as organized crime operatives. I would suspect many women outside the L.A. jurisdiction were victims of, "The Two Tony's" and never recognized in newspaper and police reports.

This quote below is from "Mickey Cohen" about the "Two Tony's". This statement is most likely a confession as to why "The Two Tony's" and the "Cohen Crime Family" parted ways. "Mickey Cohen" admitted the "Two Tony's" were out of control killers after they murdered "Elizabeth Short" so brutally in a way that disrespected the rules of the "Cohen Crime Family". The actual killing wasn't the problem but the brutalization of "Elizabeth's" body was a big deal that was not necessary for the message to "Jack Dragna". The way "Elizabeth's" body was brutalized was so horrific even the brutal "Mickey Cohen" was freaked out. The rules of mafia murders were not being respected. It Really makes me wonder why the "Mafia Crime Families" let the "Two Tony's" live? My speculation is the "Two Tony's" were being used as pawns to take any heat off of them.
Actual Quote From "Mickey Cohen" About The "Two Tony's":
"Then he started stepping out on his own. He was on the heavy and on the heist, but he was heisting people that were contrary to the rules of the people that he was supposed to have respected – not only me, but others. They were wild-haired young bloods that thought they were just going to run roughshod over everybody. Well, I couldn’t pay them much attention then. But because of my troubles, they thought they didn’t have to show any respect for nobody."
In 1950 I didn't see any reports of missing or brutalized women unsolved. I speculate between November of 1949 and August 6, 1951 "The Two Tony's" were racking up many of their "49 arrests" and "17 convictions" said to have happened and this would be the reason these brutal serial killings would have stopped. I do know in 1951 before "Lucky Luciano" killed "The Two Tony's" "One Of The Two Tony's" spent his last $10,000 on bail and when the police released him another law enforcement agency picked him up on another robbery charge and he didn't have any more cash to bail himself out again. The police constantly arresting the "Two Tony's" for all the robbery's they were doing most likely saved many women from becoming victims of this pair of serial killers. 

Did the police connect their knowledge received here and there of the possibility that the killings were done by two? "NO"! at least in 1947 the police had no idea because the hint of two killers had not be received. I haven't read anything that stated they knew in 1948 when "Viola Norton" told them. The city of Los Angeles was blaming the rise in crime and murder on returning WWII vets and this assumption was "Dead Wrong". The "Two Tony's" were laughing at the police and running around Los Angeles raping women and killing people at their leisure. The police were just chasing around all the people in "Elizabeth Short's" stolen address book the "Two Tony's" sent the police and ignoring all other hints and evidence. 

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