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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Bad Actor Monogram Model Kit - 1984 Rebox Of Tom Daniels Street Fighter



Engine From An Old Early 1980's "Bad Actor" Model Kit Rebox. Visit Sea Dogs Beach To Read Article Here: :

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The Postal Rate Hikes And The Online Entities That Abuse The Hikes For Profit

As U.S. Citizens through their vote try to find a way to a society that is for their particular ideology they leave reality is search of their way. Issues that were put in there place become out of place as change is seen as the way over the simple aspect of repair. It's true that the well off put into place rules that keep them well off but when the well off are leaving poverty in their tracks the eruption of poverty begins.

This article about the postage rates that have climbed and declined consumer purchasing is a perfect point of how the well off is making poverty erupt. In this day and age of internet interactions buying and selling is just as much of a reality as the social side of life on the web and technology sharing. People need items to purchase in their lives and when they find that online purchasing saves them time and in some cases money the wealthy in positions of authority look at this time and money saving venture as a way to increase profits for themselves.

It's said that the reason for the higher postage rates is due to the U.S. Congress forcing the postal service to divert 10 billion dollars into an employee pension fund over a period of years. Sure, Congress didn't realize this move would increase postage rates and increase hardships for those who found some savings in internet shopping? Stripping 10 billion dollars off of postal service revenues will surely cost the public more money to mail packages causing a consumer spending slow down which in turn causes inflation in retail prices that activates a reason to increase retired postal employees pension payouts? How bout that merry go round that just won't stop doing round? Now that postal shipping rates are up will they ever come down went the 10 billion dollars has been sucked out of the pockets of consumers and gotten?

Ebay In 2011 Started Charging A Final Value Fee On The Rising Shipping Rates

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The Hair You Leave Behind Is Where You Can Go After You Expire

What happens when it's your turn to leave the human body you have been given? Nobody knows except the once people that have had to leave their bodies. I sure wonder about this myself? Will we go into nothingness as before we were born or is their an afterlife? Many people turn to religion in a belief that they will be taken to a place of external happiness. But how does anyone know where they will be taken to if taken anywhere at all? We all know no matter what religion we worship that there is something greater in or beyond the space that is endless. We are here on the named planet earth for our short period of time that is given to us by nature and nature is the basic common knowledge between all self proclaimed religions that don't know if there religion is the correct religion of nature and what's greater than us beyond the space surrounding earth as we know it.

We all want to stay on the planet earth in some form or another and serve what we grew up in as in country, religion or self. Self never wants to leave. Country and religion are willing to leave in a fight for the greater good knowing that they sacrificed themselves so that the children or entity they leave behind will carry their belief into a better future for the people they believe in.


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It's Not That I Do Not Want, It's That I Just Do Not Believe

I may want something but will I get it? Most likely not. My belief may have been triggered but followup triggers that keep my belief alive are just not present. The old saying that, "It's Just To Good To Believe It's True" is in play as I can see what is wanted by me but can't touch or come in contact with it. 

The employment opportunity a person has high hopes for and is in reach but with no firm commitment from the employer. The grasp that the person wants to have on employment and in social standing isn't a grasp that is in site. A man made object of want that is a dream to have is priced out of reach without the grasp of employment that makes the man made object of desire possible. A woman/man of want that emits small signals of maybe can get hopes up but the belief will be false without positive reinforcement from her in the way of being his/her.

The illusion that is the hope and dreams of many when they are in their youth are shattered in their advanced age as they listen to the voices of those that did achieve what those with the fading illusions could not make happen for themselves.

Jim Allan, EzineArticles Basic PLUS Author

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