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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

How To Quit Smoking Cigarettes Safely And Inexpensively With Vaping

I still see many people smoking cigarettes and the reason why they are still smoking cigarettes is the same reason why it took me so long to switch to vaping. "The Reason Is The Cost". If you get your vaping equipment and e-juice from vape stores or buy those convenience store "E-cigs" it's more expensive than cigarettes. I spent alot of cash before I found the answer and here it is.

No Matter What You Hear About "Vaping" Being As Bad As Smoking, "Don't Listen To It". Sure, Vaping Has It's Medical Drawbacks Also But It Is A Thousand Times More Safer Than Cigarettes And If You Stay Away From The "Man Made Flavored E-Juices", "Nicotine E-Juices", "E-Juices Made In China" And "Super Vaporizers" You'll Be OK.

First of all to dispel a few myths, "You Can Get Vaping Juice Without Nicotine". Second, I'm sure vaping can create some medical conditions but they are minor compared to the damage smoking cigarettes is doing and mostly related to "Super Vaporizers" that give you the ability to inhale insane amounts of vape juice so you can "Blow Mega Clouds". 

Complied By James Allan | 7-22-2019

I quit smoking through vaping but it wasn't cheap. I had to experiment with equipment and vape juices of all kinds to find out which ones were suitable to me. You'll find many people who vape are "Brand Crazy" and if you talk to them they will push their own personal "Fan Brand" over what works the best and is the least expensive to get started with for someone new to vaping.

Purchasing someones "Fan Brand" over what is the best equipment and juice for someone new to vaping is nobody's business but your own but the person new to vaping should know they are being presented with someones "Fan Brand". My point is the equipment and juice I found and am presenting in this article is inexpensive and works well until you break the "Nicotine" habit of cigarettes and/or want to put out the cash to experiment to find your "Fan Brand". I still use the same "Halo" brand because my research told me that the company was up there with the best if not the best and after my initial purchase I haven't had to spend anymore cash on vaping in over a year.

First of all, when you stop smoking cigarettes and start vaping your going to puff constantly to NO end because of the lower nicotine levels. This gets very expensive because your going to use up a bottle of vaping juice really fast. Starting out using an "E-Cig" as in the picture below will help you use less juice until you break the nicotine habit. Expect to go 6 months and use countless bottles of vaping juice before your cigarette addiction starts to fade. You will slow way down on the vaping juice once you are no longer addicted to nicotine and the thought of having a cigarette doesn't pop into your mind anymore. You'll naturally forget about puffing your vaporizer also and just puff on it for pleasure.

The first month of me quitting cigarettes I used the "E-Juice" with the nicotine in it but after the first month I stopped using the nicotine "E-Juice" and from then to now I use the "No Nicotine E-Juice" only. I purchased 18 - 30ml bottles when "Halo" had it on sale for $8 a bottle. Now that I no longer crave cigarettes a bottle lasts me a month or more and the original equipment I purchased still works well except for the cartomizers of course which have to be replaced every now and again.

A year and a half after I quit smoking I'm only spending in the area of .40 cents a day to puff. I used to get a cigarette thought popping into my mind but these thoughts left my thoughts in 12 months. I smoked for a long time. Now I just puff with no pull for me to do so and it's only costing me $8.00 a month. Stay away from those "E-Cigs" in the convenience stores that cost $6 to $10 each which can be used up in a few hours. Using those convenience store "E-Cigs" can double or triple your puffing expense and I did try using them.

I must have spent in the area of $500 trying equipment and vaping juices when I first started out so if you want to quit smoking cigarettes here's my starter kit choice for you to ponder so you can keep most of the money I ended up spending. When you first start "E-Cig" puffing your going to go at it all the time as you break away from smoking cigarettes and it will get very expensive. The Quality "E-Juice" can get very expensive and I will get into the NO nicotine e-juice later in this article. Stay away from the "Cheap E-Juice". Anyone can make "E-Juice" and you only want the best quality ingredients with an utmost concern that the juice is extremely clean. 

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This "E-Cig" setup is the G6 model from "Halo" that I started off with after having spent a pile of cash trying other brands. You have to purchase these separately. Get the manual battery that has the push button to activate it because the automatics tend to not release enough power to preform as well as the manuals. The push button is much better and I purchase the manuals for $4 less than the automatics. The "Cartomizer" is the extra large version made for the "G6" battery and is OK. The manual batteries you can get from "Halo" for $6 each. The "Cartomizers" will cost you $3.50 each. The batteries are rated to last about a year and the cartomizer can last a month or so in many cases before you start tasting a burnt coil depending on how much you puff. 

The "E-Juice" I also purchase from "Halo" but only when they have it on sale for $7 to $8 for a 30ml bottle, then I purchase it in a very large quantity. I have stuck with "Halos" "Black Diamond" because it has a light smoke taste with a touch of sweetness. "Black Diamond" doesn't have any man made flavorings so it's safe. Natural flavoring "vape juice" is OK. It's the MAN MADE flavoring "vape juice" that is harmful to your health because of the chemicals it takes to make the flavor that goes into your "vape juice". The chemicals it takes to make the "Man Made Flavorings" is harmful to your health.

You can indeed get "No Nicotine" juice. After you start using the "No" nicotine "E-Juice", "Never Go Back To Anything With Nicotine in it. 

The "Vape Stores" will charge you $17 for a 30ml bottle which is ridiculous. Check to see if the "vape juice" is U.S.A. made first if your going to purchase. Some of them let you spin the wheel for a discount but that's just a ploy. Never purchase "E-Juice" from a "Smoke Shop" because it's usually garbage. If your going to purchase from a brick and mortar store go a find a "Vape Shop" that deals with "Vaping" only.

"Vape Juice" comes in two types of base mixtures, "PG" (propylene glycol) and "VG" (vegetable glycerin). "VG" produces better clouds while "PG" gives you a better throat hit and feels more like smoking cigarettes. I myself only use "PG" because I found out my wicks don't clog up as much. "PG" is thinner and wicks better while "VG" clogged my wicks long before the coils burnt out. Even the "PG/VG" mixture clogged my wicks before their time. Since I started exclusively using "PG" only I haven't had a wick clog up on me to fast. If your out to show off and blow big clouds with a "Super Vaporizer" then "VG" is the way to go.

The vape equipment is all over priced in vape shops and it's ALL made in china. You can't get equipment that's made in the U.S. at all. I've read most of the pros and cons about each companies equipment so my choice was to stick with "Halo" after much trial and error. "Halo" makes its own "E-Juice" and their chinese made equipment is alright. Because BAD "vape juice" was being produced in china many vaping companies started producing their own "vape juice" in the U.S. to avoid liabilities. Always avoid foreign made "vape juice" if possible.

I purchased an "E-Pen" from the company "Blue" and it was CRAP! I tried "Vuse" and their tobacco flavor tasted like, CRAP and so it went on and on with trial and error going through each vape company until I ended up at "Halo" where I finally could claim some satisfaction. I did not get around to trying "Every" vape company products but I did try many. I read about most and some vape companies that had serious reported production flaws I steered clear of. 

The vaporizer and juice I'm presenting so far has worked out for me and I now go hours without using it because I no longer crave nicotine and desire cigarettes after a year. I puff on my "Triton II E-Pen" vaporizer that I also purchased from "Halo"just because it's relaxing and I've always enjoyed "Blowing Smoke". The "E-Pens" are much better, larger and more enjoyable than the smaller "E-Cigs" but seriously use much more "E-Juice". Since I don't crave nicotine anymore my "E-Pen" isn't used continuously and I don't burn much juice each day. If your just breaking away from cigarettes I do recommend you stick with the "E-Cig" device until you stop craving nicotine and thinking about cigarettes. You will save a nice chuck of change.

I still have many "Halo G6 E-Cigs" that still work well from when I quit smoking cigarettes and was puffing endlessly. I use them once in a while. I have about 5 new cartomizers still in their packaging. I do have and prefer the "Triton II E-Pen" now that uses large amounts of "vape juice" but when I'm at home I tend to forget about it naturally and it sits on a shelf until I feel like puffing it saving me tons of juice. People will say "why don't you just stop altogether" and my reply is that I have always enjoyed puffing. Sure, many people puff because of nicotine addiction but many people also just enjoy puffing because it's relaxing.

I'm not a "Halo" cheerleader, "Halo" is just where I stopped looking because I found satisfaction in price, equipment and e-juice. I guess I can say that "Halo" is my "Fan Brand" right now but I'm only presenting their equipment and juice as a starting point for those who want to quit smoking without spending tons of cash and getting quality equipment to boot. I may purchase another companies equipment later on but for now my ending point is the place I'm Ok with.

Jim Allan, EzineArticles Platinum Author

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