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Friday, August 23, 2019

The Fediverse Social Networking Entity Is Liberal Communism On Steroids

Is Fediverse The Networking Home And Command Center Of Antifa? 

Written By James Allan | 8-23-2019

I keep looking around for social networking web sites where Republicans gather and I'm not surprised anymore that they are few and far between. When you find a Republican place of gathering not to many people are there. I finally realized Republicans only come out when they are stirred up and really pissed off. The democrats are buying up the United States and media because most Republicans remain politically inactive.

What you see in the way of Republican media is "Libertarian Republican Rino" media masked as Republican media. The libertarian ideology is significantly different from the "Republican Party Base" they came to be the leadership of. The libertarians mask themselves as our saviors when in reality the libertarians side with "Business" and the "Democrats" more than they do with the "Republican Party Base".

In my search I found this little known social network that has been building since 2010. The people that operate within it call it the, "Fediverse". "Fediverse" claim's it's made up of many different networks ( Right Now I Count 10 Networks) containing thousands of individual servers around the world. Each server contains to my knowledge 1 group.

"Fediverse" is the top level structure with at least 10 networks in which each network contains hundreds if not thousands of server groups. I am not under the impression there are to many server groups in each network. In fact, my impression is this is where "Antifa" and other anti capitalist communist network with each other.

Fediverse Home Web Page

I was baffled when I ran into this and explored the idea of this being a social network I could join to display my Republican political writings. All I ran into at first was this new "Fediverse" is to be a collection of thousands upon thousands of individual private servers from around the world that can interact with each other as a huge social network platform through the "Fediverse" computer code script. In order to have a so called group or networking site you have to have a small "Home Server" and the ability or cash to get it going.

I did eventually find a few of these "Fediverse" server groups that allow people like you and me to join and interact with others. Except for one server group most appeared to be "Liberal" and in their rules list pushed the same social democrat, "No White Nationalists" and "People Whom Disparage Other Races" lines you hear in main stream media. I read one rule that stated they didn't want any "Social Nationalism" which tells me this site was more "Independent" than "communist democrat". I myself don't spew racism or disparage other races but I do write reality and facts that may be taken as "Politically Incorrect" and spun into something they are not so these "Fediverse" sites really make me nervous about joining.

The one "Fediverse" site I did find called "Gab" is a collection of people who where kicked off of, "Twitter", "Facebook" and other social media web sites including "Fediverse" server groups for violations of racism and brow beating cultures they don't like. Most of the individual server groups want "Gab" kicked out of the "Fediverse" because they are calling them "Far Right and Alt Right" nazis and white supremacists. Wikipedia even lists "Gab" as "Far Right" and "Alt Right" which of course the communist democrats say are Republicans. Actually the "Far Right" and "Alt Right" are the democrat party "Right". The democrat party does have a "Right Wing" that's NEVER talked about even by Republicans.

What I found out is the owner of "Gab" is a "Free Speech" democrat that will not remove racist posts or people. Nazis, KKK and white supremacists are in fact democrat party social entities. "Gab" has been kicked off of most social media sites and payment venues but gets several million dollars a year in donations. "Gab" would not be a place for me as I would feel really uncomfortable seeing all these democrats spewing racist remarks. No Republican I've run into would be seen on a site like "Gab".

You may see there's almost 3 million people using this "Fediverse" but there's only 475 thousand active users a month. I was running into numbers of people that are from around the world throughout the "Fediverse" network. "Fediverse" states they are about diversity and this is their strength which is right along the lines of what the communist democrat party states. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and many other main stream social media websites have created apps that can interact with the server groups in "Fediverse".

I'm still taking a look and researching this new "Social Network" scheme the liberal democrats are trying to push mainly for themselves. I've read some literature in one "Frediverse" group that wants to keep "Fediverse" anti capitalist and is openly working to build the "Fediverse" in their image. I feel my "Free Speech" rights would be trampled on if I became a member of one of these "Fediverse" server groups.

This "Fediverse" Group Is Building Anti Capitalism Into The "Fediverse"
I'm under the impression this group is "Antifa" and may be their headquarters

I keep reading the rule lists in "Fediverse Server Groups" and feel like I'm reading all the falsehoods I'm hearing the communist democrats spewing about Republicans in the main stream media for votes. Maybe someday a Republican will set up a server to interact in this social network. Who knows?

Jim Allan, EzineArticles Platinum Author

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