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Thursday, September 29, 2016

A Told Sentence To A Stranger Isn't Always A Sentence Wanted To Be Heard


Reality Written By Jim Allan | 9-25-2016

The spoken sentence that is spoken to the ear of a stranger may sometimes be valuable or deplorable. A greeting that is social, informative or just plain poison may be wanted or rejected. The reaction of the recipient of the sentence can be silent, joyous, graceful or downright backlash but what does it say about a person? When sentences are spoken to a stranger the mindset of both may not come to light for social reasons but the mind of the sentence recipient becomes active to some extent.

Can you tell by the eyes or body language of how a person reacts to the sentence if the reaction isn't shown or do you even care? A return by the receiver doesn't always come to the giver leaving the giver with the feeling that the receiver just isn't interested in social contact with the giver.

Are receivers of the sentence suppose to always smile at the giver to show social grace so a comfortable spirit is announced? A person that always frowns can be seen as disturbed but may be content or happy and only has the upside down smile as a natural facial feature. A person that has a permanent natural smile may hide devious thoughts with the laughter being produced from the seen pain that is happening to another as the daydream streams live within the enclosed brain matter.

The disguises that might be hidden to be brought out by the sentence either in one giving of a sentence or continuously by a questioner. Finding the true reaction to the sentence may be kept hidden by social grace that is the nice card to get along and past the discomfort of getting the sentence from the giver. The feelings of the sentence giver are not to be aroused when rejection to the sentence is given because the sentence giver can be behind a mask also. How can the giver of a bad sentence ever learn without reaction? Can the giver of a good sentence ever be uplifted when no reaction is given?

An actor trained to be another and can hold the mental pose for long periods with memorized lines of output hiding a reality known to none giving the sentence, A person on a mission to get from someone with something to be transferred through sentence manipulation, A personality of joy and glee out to spread a good presence but is looked upon as a possible fake due to encounters with real fakes and takers that only take and fake. Anyone can put up a false personality in a first time meeting that gets taken as a feel good acceptance by most. What sentence can be given to a seen facade that will provide a true sense of the person inside the facade? Employers that hire have to contend with this regularly but even with a resume the true inner self of a person cannot be seen. 

Some recipients of a sentence by a stranger cannot naturally hide behind a facade and will be blunt or joyous. Will the recipient of the sentence want to even be bothered and reply? If the sentence recipient just turns their head in disgust without a word will the sentence giver be just as offended as the recipient? Is the recipient a self contained better than you person if no reply is given? Who knows who is real and who is hiding? Who wants to show themselves to a strangers sentence? A sentence from a stranger may be a sentence from a kook.

The sentence giver may have the appearance of being a well groomed and joyous individual but may be giving the sentence to see if the giver can inflict some hate upon the recipient. A sentence giver sometimes has a motor in their mouth or is just outgoing. But maybe the sentence giver has no one else to command and control when the urge of command and control swarms the sentence givers thoughts and you are the stranger picked to receive a sentence that leads to satisfaction of the sentence giver. 

Will the giver take a no or negative reply as discrimination, racism, hate or disgust? Will the recipient take the question as bothersome, snarkyness, intrusive or of no interest? Will they both take the encounter as socially acceptable, a new friendship and joyous? Will the masks of both be on or off so either becomes aware or not aware of the others true self? A sentence from one stranger to another can bring about a social feeling but what social feeling will be felt?      

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