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Monday, August 22, 2016

She Makes My Dreams Glisten As Her Graceful Beaming Image Appears In The Area Of Where We Pass


Will The Physical Attraction End Up In A Personality Match Or Fatal Attraction? Will I Be Fulfilled If I Do Or Just Gain Another Acquaintance?

Written By Jim Allen | 8-21-2016

The gracefulness of her as she makes her way through the life she enjoys is the wonderment of my dreams as we pass each other among the millions that are looking for the one that will fulfill their thoughts in the small space of time that is allowed us.

Many men stare at her with their own thoughts of what could be if only she would glare back with a pretty smile that sends the thought to them of maybe or they just stare because of sexual thoughts. How will she differentiate between the stares of real attraction and the stares that are only sexual? The many men move on through their lives after the moment she passes and look back with the feeling of only if. Does she have a partner is the thought that's unknown as the rings on her fingers either mean many men are looking at her as a sexual attraction or a partner exists. The men with another and without are still drawn by her aroma of look as she makes her way to where she wants to be.

I pass by her every so often as our life's path brings us into each others area of journey but not enough. I have noticed her from afar but her steady pace that is fast and swift tells me that our paths will never cross naturally. The information of her personally is not mine to know without intrusion which would make me less to her if she knew I was intruding as my thoughts of crossing her path intentionally grow stronger and stronger. 

The attraction to me from the looks of her is occurring naturally but I may not be so enthused by the looks when her personality is unveiled to me and likewise my personality may not enthuse her and push her to keep up her steady pace as we pass in the area of common ground from time to time. 

I'm sure she has noticed me from time to time also but what if she too is awaiting the approach because of her noticing me that she is hiding? A woman's attraction isn't shown unless her feelings are strong enough and she decides to make her attraction known. I want her to know I'm attracted but I'm not getting any signs that she wants me to be attracted. How will she know my attraction to her is true and not just another male wanting to feel her soft flesh in a passionate moment.  

A woman that shows strong signs of interest is much more preferable than a woman that uses coy because you know there's some interest to proceed into the exploration of a personality match. If she's not interested through appearance and is coy she may gain attraction through personality. A fatal attraction is when the meeting happens and she puts her ring in front of me and starts talking about her husband.  

In my mind the meeting must happen without intrusion to find out if our personalities will be the attraction over looks and her being coy. Letting her know I'm more than just a night of passing passion is the goal. A chance must be taken as speculation because I've seen many women of whom the physical attraction is overwhelming but the attraction from the looks of this women fills my mind to no end. 

What will happen when I finally cross her path intentionally? Only the personalities will tell the story or the rings on her fingers that are either false or true. Does she notice me too because of my stare at her as we pass and she is just being coy or does her not looking back at me with her fingers loaded with rings mean she's taken by another and avoiding an uncomfortable situation? Questions that are unanswered mean I may have thoughts of her for a lasting time or missing out on a women that means a lifetime of fulfillment in my life. Either or the questions must be answered. Even if she has no thoughts of me after we communicate I'm sure to get the pretty smile as we pass in the area of each others existence as an acquaintance. 

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