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Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Wind Up Male Animals We Are As Natures Attraction Takes Hold


Written By Jim Allan | 5-15-2016

As the male is drawn and the female wants to draw the wind up key is inserted and the happiness begins. The droopy starved eyes of the male ignites the control mechanism of the female over the male as they look upon each other with thoughts of what may be if they give in. The male is in the wanting of the soft touch and the female is willing to give the soft touch to the male if the male's interest is true to her only and not just a feeling of overactive lust.

The key that's inserted is wound by the female until the males spring gets wound to its fullest and the male is willing to fall into the females deep urge's to be the only desire in his world. As the male falls into the mental state of his desired attraction and want the female carefully manages the developed relationship that the male knows is his to be in.

Is the image of the female that appears from time to time that captured the males thoughts becoming the reality he never ever had any thoughts of becoming an actual reality? The male is verbally speechless to the point of just being a frozen stare at the female. Is the males imagination really that far out of reality and the brain playing tricks on him? If anyone needs a reality check I guess the time would be as the female displays herself in front of the male.

The male never ever thought the draw was real to him by the female that has his thoughts captured. The female that appears from time to time and has his thoughts captured does draw him into the females spell without a doubt. The combination of the female and the vibrant output of the female has always had the males thoughts captured since the first time the female appeared before his eyes.

As the male gets the females touch in a way that's tender and pleasing they both find comfort in each others thoughts that are never ending and will forever be etched into the minds of both. The bond into one by both is apparent as the silence stands still when the male and female find their way into the physical bond where their minds are already at.

After each has made their way to each other both mentally and physically the lives of each procede to the harmony within the space they both chose to spend their time with each other in.

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