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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Made In The United States Vaping Manufacturers And Infomation

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Information Assembled By James Allan | 8-23-20

First of all, its been reported there are well over 600 E-Cigarette brands. Most are just trial and error brand names by huge chinese E-Cig companies. 99.9% of E-Cig vape hardware is produced in china. Israel has an up and coming E-Cig vapor hardware manufacturer being built named "Jupiter Research" to supply E-Cig manufacturers with their own E-Cig builds. United States E-Cig vape hardware manufacturers are non existent. U.S. manufacturers contract out to chinese company vendors to do their builds. "If You Don't See A Vape Hardware Manufacturer On This List Then You Most Likely Are Purchasing Your Vape Hardware From A Chinese Company".

Chinese companies will brand their products exported into the United States with attractive U.S. English names like, "Geekvape", "Aspire", "Smok", "Eleaf", "Joyetech", "Vaporesso", "Innokin", "Demon Killer" and on and on. 

I will add all U.S. vape hardware manufacturers as soon as I come across them but right now out of 600 E-Cig brands there are currently only 14 and they outsource their manufacturing to chinese vendors. I'm sure one of these days "Philip Morris" of Marlboro fame will enter the E-Cig market and just take the cake but for now the United States has only " 1 " E-Cig vape hardware manufacturer which is "Volcano" out of the 600 brands. The "Volcano" U.S. brand manufactures very little product.

You may have heard that E-Cigs were invented in China first but this is not the factual truth. The first "Electric Vaporizer" was patented in the U.S. in 1930 for medical compounds which are now know as today's E-Cigarettes. In 1963 Herbert A. Gilbert filed the first U.S. patent for a "Smokeless" E-Cigarette in the United States. In the 1990's several other patents were filed for E-Cig designs and in 1998 the U.S. "Philip Morris Company" produced and began selling the "Accord" E-Cig far ahead of the first E-Cig invention and production out of china.

It's all over the place that a chinese pharmaceutical professional invented and produced the first E-Cigs to get his father to stop smoking and this is wholly false at least relating to whom was the first inventor of E-Cigs. It's like an old wives tale that got started and over time became a false truth that everyone came to believe without doing any research and checking the facts.

The chinese pharmaceutical professional was the one who developed the E-Juice into a viable product for everyday use. As a capitalist he put his developed product into full E-Cig production in 2004 for the chinese market only and then exported them big time to Europe in 2006 as popularity grew. The United States was last of the populist countries to start using E-Cigs with NJoy importing chinese produced E-Cigs with their brand on them late in 2006.

The True History of The E-Cig 

"NJOY" was the first U.S. chinese vendor manufacturer of E-Cig products in the U.S. Founded in 2006 NJoy imported the first chinese vendor manufactured E-Cigs in Arizona and they quickly became the sensation. NJoy was the first E-Cig company to win major court judgments against the governments whom were trying to regulate the E-Cig industry under the FDA.

Most U.S. born E-Cig companies do outsource their hardware manufacturing to china. There's an area in china called "Shenzhen" and its said that this area has over 600 different E-Cig brands. What this article considers "Not" a  U.S. manufactured product are chinese company products "Re-branded" and sold under the U.S. manufacturers name. A U.S. company "Outsourcing Their Manufacturing" is a different story than a U.S. company "Re-Branding Chinese Company" products and selling them under their U.S. company name.

I found out a popular U.S. company re-brands one of the chinese Eleaf company vapor pens and this is a concern. Many U.S. companies do openly sell chinese company products now along side of their own outsourced products which isn't really acceptable in my own opinion but this shouldn't discourage purchasing U.S. based company E-Cig products.

Right now developing in the E-Cig industry is Israel trying to capture some of the E-Cig hardware manufacturing. People don't fully understand that china owns all the E-Cig hardware manufacturing and there's billions upon billions of dollars that are going only to an area in chinese are of "Shenzhen" from the United States. Except for the "Volcano Company" In Hawaii that fully manufacturers a couple of their own designs there's no other E-Cig hardware manufacturer out of china.

I did find this developing E-Cig hardware manufacturer in Israel called "Jupiter". You should click the link and have a look because other than the "Volcano" site I haven't found any U.S. E-Cig hardware manufacturers to speak of. The United States needs to get off its butt and develop some E-Cig hardware manufacturing for the jobs and tax income.

I've talked to many people who keep saying that much of this manufacturing needs to return to the U.S. but then these same people say the products would be to expensive which is a complete falsehood. The only truth is U.S. based manufacturers that outsource their manufacturing to china stand to double or triple their profits off of "Cheap" labor. What these manufacturers would have to sell their vaping devices at if they produced them in the United States is what they are selling their chinese made devices at anyway with no discount for the cheap labor.

Manufacturing E-Cig hardware in the United States would be profitable for these companies but their profits from "Cheap Labor" would disappear that nobody else ever sees because the "Cheap Labor" profits go right into the corporate execs deep pockets. It's mostly libertarians that will feed this false line to you, "Manufacturing Needs To Return To The U.S. But Don't Bring Manufacturing Back Because Prices Will Be So Expensive".

"If You Don't See A Vape Hardware Manufacturer On This List Then You Most Likely Are Purchasing Your Vape Hardware From A Chinese Company".

Here's 1 Vape Company That Has Actually Produced The Complete Vape Hardware System In Hawaii With No Imported Chinese Vendor Parts

Volcano E-Cigs - "United States Company" Honolulu, Hawaii 2009
(This E-Cig company is only on this list and at the top because it does manufacture its own E-Cigs. They do not manufacture to many but they have completely produced a fully functional mechanical Vape Hardware 100% forged in Hawaii from the atomizer to the battery body.

You can use any 18650 battery in the battery body to power your "Pele". The atomizer is called the "Caldera". You can use the factory made Caldera atomizer or get the body without the atomizer and use one of the other "Volcano" supplied atomizers. The video below gives a good view of the first know vape hardware to be completely designed and built in the United States. Of course it's expensive but the price would come down to market values if mass production were to occur.   

I'm impressed that I finally found the first factory build E-Cig produced in the United States. I think this "Pele" is sold out.

Volcano does have a couple of other lower cost vape hardware in their inventory one of which is the "Lavabox M DNA 75" which is produced with "Evolv" chip boards. Mostly "Volcano" peddles hoards of "Chinese Company" E-Cigs but they do have two of their own so I applied this company to this list. Especially because of the "Pele" in which was built from ground up in the United States.)

Evolv E-Cig Electonics - "United States Company" Based In Ohio  2010
(The Evolv company does not manufacture E-Cigs. They just manufacture the electronic chip boards for hobbyists who create their own E-Cig bodies and atomizers. The above "Volcano" company manufactured their "Lavabox M 75 Mod" E-Cig from "Evolv" electronic components. The "Lavabox M 75 Mod" is discontinued. I put "Evolv" up at the top of the list because they are indeed a U.S. manufacturer in the E-Cig industry.)

The largest and most popular United States born vape companies:

Halo Nicopure labs - "United States Company" Trinity, FL.  2009
(Founded in 2009 and merged with Nicopure labs in 2014. Halo is very popular among vapors to the point they can be considered number #1. Many articles I've read on E-Cig forums and web sites puts Halo in first place. Halo does manufacture its E-Juice in Georgia but it seems all of Halo's hardware and batteries are manufactured in china through chinese vendors. When Halo first launched in 2009 all their E-Juice and hardware were all manufactured through chinese vendors. After concerns about the juice purity they were importing from china they started making their own juice in a small New Jersey facility before they moved to a larger juice making facility in Georgia.)

Juul Labs E-Cigs - "United States Company" San Francisco, Calif.  2015
(Juul is a popular brand with teenagers since it's founding in 2015. In 2017 Juul renamed itself "Juul Labs" replacing its old name "Pax Labs". Nielson 2018 states Juul has 60% of the E-Cig market. It's also stated that Juul's popularity is with teenagers. Juul is San Francisco based but farms out its manufacturing to chinese vendors. The Juul battery comes from Juul's parent company which is "PAX". Pax outsources its manufacturing to chinese vendors. Pax manufactures vaporizers that vape organic material which is mainly Marijuana oil. Yes, there are E-Cigs that burn pot in the form of an oil.

I finally realized the reason for the "Juul" popularity especially with older college age teenagers and college students is their Vape Hardware is "Flat". Flat means they can be charged in a laptops charging port more easily than round. I saw the vape hardware body but never saw the charging setup. Thought it was charged through a USB cord but it's not. It comes with a flat charger that plugs into the end of the battery then gets plugged into your computers charging port. I'd expect nowadays most if not all college age teenagers have cheap laptops and pads.)

V2 Vaping - "United States Company" Miami, FL.  2009
(V2 is owned by "VMR" and has a lot of complaints about their product failures but was the most popular E-Cig manufacturer in 2014 and 2015 that many people go to for their vaping needs so most of their products perform alright for a lengthily time. V2 headquarters is in Miami, Fl. and they make their own U.S. manufactured E-Juice. The V2 vaping appliances are outsourced to chinese vendors for manufacturing as all their competitors are.)

Vapor 4 Life - "United States Company" Northbrook, IL. 2008
(Vapor 4 Life manufactures its own "Cig-A-Likes" and the "Zeus E-Pen" vaping hardware produced through chinese vendors. The rest of their mod and pod inventory is chinese company brands. There packaged cig-a-likes aren't bad and is one of the vaping products I did use for a short while when I switched to vaping. They farm out their own E-Juice manufacturing and sell other companies E-Juice also. "Vapor 4 Life" appears to be selling other companies brands until they can fully develop their own.)

South Beach Smoke - "United States Company" Miami Lakes, FL.  2010
(South Beach Smoke is owned by a past popular company named "Eversmoke" and there's no affiliation found to link South Beach Smoke to South Beach Diet. "South Beach Smoke" makes its own E-Juice in the U.S.A.. All South Beach vaping hardware like other U.S. companies is manufactured by a chinese vendor. South Beach Smoke has plenty of positive testimonial.)

Eversmoke-Vaporfi - "United States Company" Miami Lakes, FL.  2010
(Eversmoke is morphing its web site into the new "Vaporfi" site that peddles other manufacturer brands alongside its own brand to capture extra profits off of other brands. Of course the new Vaporfi brand is manufactured by chinese vendors. Vaporfi most likely brands its U.S.A. made "South Beach Smoke" E-Juice as Vaporfi E-Juice. )

Vaporfi - "United States Company" Miami Lakes, FL.  2017
(The "Vaporfi" is just the old re-branded "Eversmoke" that peddles other chinese company manufactured brands alongside their own brand to capture extra profits off of other chinese brands. Of course the Vaporfi brand is manufactured by chinese vendors. Vaporfi most likely brands its U.S.A. made "South Beach Smoke" E-Juice as Vaporfi E-Juice now. )

Njoy - "United States Company" Scottsdale, AZ  2006.
(NJoy is the first E-Cig juice manufacturer in the U.S. founded in 2006. They were very popular at the time but in 2016 they went bankrupt. There products can be found online and in many vape shops around the U.S. and Europe still as other brands surpass them in popularity. NJoy makes its own E-Juice in the United States and manufactures its vape hardware through chinese vendors.)

Vuse  - "United States Company" Winston Salem, NC. 2013
(Vuse is the "RJR Vapor" product being produced to enter the E-Cig market. Information found states Vuse has 40% of the E-Cig market. If Juul has 60% and Vuse has 40% how is everyone else staying in business. Of course there's something wrong with the numbers being given to us. The support phone number returns a "Tinley Park, IL. location which is most likely where Vuse is being manufactured. R. J. Reynolds purchased "Blu" years because of their rising popularity and then for some reason they decided to sell the brand off and create "Vuse". R.J. Reynolds sold "Blu" to a company in the Netherlands named "Fontem". "Blu" is a brand name really rivals "Vuse" and I would bet R.J. Reynolds is kicking themselves in their own butt for getting rid of the "Blu" brand that holds a good market share in the UK and Northern Europe.)

Phillip Morris - "United States Company" Phillip Morris has not entered the E-Cig industry yet.
(Phillip Morris at the time of this article hasn't entered the E-Cig market and since 2014 has been pursuing their "Heat The Tobacco" technology instead of burning it. This garbage is sold all over the world but not in the United States. I feel after doing much research Phillip Morris will eventually turn to E-Cig tech and stop being the idiots they are trying to save the tobacco industry. Hell, they could make a "Marlboro" Red E-Cig and make smokers feel right at home.)

Mistic E-Cigs - "United States Company" Rock Island, IL. 2013
(Mistic was founded in 1995 as a juice flavors company but didn't get into the vape market until 2013 as "Cosmic Fog" which is an "E-Juice" company only. Both are a Ballantyne Brands company. Mistic does import it's vaping hardware from a chinese vendor even after they stated in 2014 they were going to manufacture in the United States. They do manufacture their own E-Juice in the United States. Mistic is not a well known brand but I'm sure their products work as well as any other chinese manufactured product.)

White Cloud - "United States Company" Tarpon Springs, FL.  2014
(White Cloud started assembling its cartomizers in its United States juice factory but outsources its cartomizer parts and batteries out to chinese vendors whom ship the parts back to the U.S. for assembly. It was a big thing in 2014 when they stated they were moving their manufacturing to the U.S. but they didn't say it was only the assembly of the parts that were to be moved. I still give "White Cloud" some kudos for going this far over other E-Cig companies that import the fully assemble products.)

CIG2O E-Cigs - "United States Company" Camarillo, Calif.  2010
(Founded as the "Vapage" company this E-Cig company is slowly "Re-Branding" itself as "CIGo2. I saw a passage that stated they started up in 2008, 2009 but eventually I found out "Vapage" was founded in 2010. I see the flat style Juul puffer copy cat they call the "Stik" is in their inventory which means they are trying to cash in on the popular style. The old "Vapage" brand imported chinese made E-Juice and vaping hardware from china so there's nothing to say they are not still importing their juice from china. The web site is well designed and attractive.)

Nhaler E-Cigs - "United States Company" Farmingdale, NJ.  2008
(Founded Nhaler E-Cig company has been around a while. Nhaler does not state that their E-Juice is manufactured in the United States which means they may import their E-Juice from an overseas location. They only say their E-Juice is "Kosher" which means they may import their juice from Israel. Their vaping hardware is imported from a chinese vendor as the story goes but Israel is entering the hardware manufacturing business also. The web site is well designed and attractive.)

Great Lakes Vapor - "United States Company" Farmington, MI.  2008
(Founded Great Lakes Vapor only sells wholesale I guess as I cannot find any product on it's 1 page website. They claim they are the first manufacturer to manufacture though a chinese vendor then import the finished vapor hardware to Michigan. I guess I would have to call them and ask some questions if I want to know about their products.)

Health Effects

Vaping E-Juice is far less hazardous to your health than smoking tobacco. The negative health effects of vaping doesn't even compare to the major negative health effects of tobacco.

Many of the flavors do not come from natural sources and are man made through chemical processes that leave traces of the processing chemicals in the produced flavors. If you go with natural extract flavors these chemical remnants do not exist in the final flavor product. It's these man made chemical traces that anti vaping activists are shooting at. Most flavors you enjoy will be man made but there are natural extracts that can be found.

British Researchers Urge Doctors To Tell Smokers Vaping Is 95% less harmful

On a scale of 1 to 100 with 100 being the most harmful and tobacco ranking at the 100 mark vaping would rank at " 5 ". If you use a natural extract flavor vaping would rank around "2" compared to tobacco. The e-liquid base is neutral and will not effect your health at all positive or negative.

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