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Saturday, February 17, 2018

WoW! I Can't Believe I Played Enough To Finally Reach Level 1000 ?

Written By James Allan | 2-16-2017

Well, once I started to get up their in game levels I just kept going and got it into my mind that level 1000 was a good place to stop. Will I stop? I'm surely starting to fade into other things now. Kinda burnt out on playing against the "Jelly Queen" and "Cupcake Karl" even though it doesn't take me to long to beat them. I lost against Cupcake Karl once. I do like finding the "Pufflers" and "Spreading The Jelly". Some of those games are tough mainly because you have to get the corners and sides.

During my journey to 1000 I only had to purchase one set of game bonus candies. I used my bonus candies wisely. When I reached level 1000 I only had one bonus candy left. I'm talking about the bonus candies you use while the game is going on. I still have plenty of bonus candies you can choose before the game starts. The bonus candies you use during the game are always used up when you get to the last one or two squares you need to win the game so you won't have to play the level again and again.

Game level 1000 is more of a show then a competition. I've already beat it and moved on to level 1001. Level 1000 is tons of chocolate balls and color bombs. It's like the 4th of July "Jelly Crush Saga" style. When you set off a color bomb that color bomb makes more color bombs and chocolate balls and the show begins. Sometimes you wonder when it's going to stop because it goes on and on. Level 1000 has 4 stages and each stage is a show.

Off I go to see what lays ahead for me in the games after level 1000. If they don't come up with new game plays I probably will look around for some other game to occupy the time I don't have that's free.

Jim Allan, EzineArticles Platinum Author

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