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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

The Hair You Leave Behind Is Where You Can Go After You Expire

What happens when it's your turn to leave the human body you have been given? Nobody knows except the once people that have had to leave their bodies. I sure wonder about this myself? Will we go into nothingness as before we were born or is their an afterlife? Many people turn to religion in a belief that they will be taken to a place of external happiness. But how does anyone know where they will be taken to if taken anywhere at all? We all know no matter what religion we worship that there is something greater in or beyond the space that is endless. We are here on the named planet earth for our short period of time that is given to us by nature and nature is the basic common knowledge between all self proclaimed religions that don't know if there religion is the correct religion of nature and what's greater than us beyond the space surrounding earth as we know it.

We all want to stay on the planet earth in some form or another and serve what we grew up in as in country, religion or self. Self never wants to leave. Country and religion are willing to leave in a fight for the greater good knowing that they sacrificed themselves so that the children or entity they leave behind will carry their belief into a better future for the people they believe in.


Jim Allan, EzineArticles Platinum Author

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