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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

It's Not That I Do Not Want, It's That I Just Do Not Believe

I may want something but will I get it? Most likely not. My belief may have been triggered but followup triggers that keep my belief alive are just not present. The old saying that, "It's Just To Good To Believe It's True" is in play as I can see what is wanted by me but can't touch or come in contact with it. 

The employment opportunity a person has high hopes for and is in reach but with no firm commitment from the employer. The grasp that the person wants to have on employment and in social standing isn't a grasp that is in site. A man made object of want that is a dream to have is priced out of reach without the grasp of employment that makes the man made object of desire possible. A woman/man of want that emits small signals of maybe can get hopes up but the belief will be false without positive reinforcement from her in the way of being his/her.

The illusion that is the hope and dreams of many when they are in their youth are shattered in their advanced age as they listen to the voices of those that did achieve what those with the fading illusions could not make happen for themselves.

Jim Allan, EzineArticles Basic PLUS Author

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